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    I like to watch Adult Swim shows when I'm high.. my two favorites so far are Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and Aquateen Hunger Force.

    With that said, I haven't seen many of the other Adult Swim shows (besides Family Guy and Robot Chicken), so which ones would you guys recommend? Everything I seem to watch on Adult Swim while high is hilarious, so there has to be a load of great shows that I haven't seen so far.
  2. I used to watch the Squidbillies.

    The only things I watch on that channel now are Family Guy, sometimes Robot Chicken, and sometimes King of the Hill (when waiting for FG)
  3. My favorite shos are,

    Check it out!.



    KEY TO ALL THE SHOWS ABOVE: Smoke weed while you watch
  4. LOL, isn't that the key to all Adult Swim shows? ;)

    Thanks for your input. I'll make sure to check out those shows in the future.
  5. SUPER JAIL!!!!!!! :cool:
    I watch em all though.
  6. Haha yes it is. np
  7. 12 oz mouse

    Home Movies



  8. I haven't been able to watch Adult Swim in awhile but I used to like Metalocalypse and Moral Orel.
  9. I'm having a hard time figuring out what shows I don't like. Anime on saturdays, and 12oz. mouse are the only things I can think of. Squidbillies is probably my favorite show on there though.
  10. home movies

    venture bros

    harvey birdman attorney at law
  11. dude....Boondocks

  12. I used to love watching Tim and Eric show while baked however, that all changed one gloomy night.

    I was really baked when I poped in the Tim and Eric awesome show Season 2 and the show started with its usual theme song and then it goes directly to its first skit, about having sex with your sister. The skit had Eric admitting to having sex with his sister and I think his mother, too.At that point I hit the eject button on my ps3 because I was too disgusted to continue.

    Mind you I have two sisters and I do not, in under any circumstances, want to hear about anybody's story on how they had sex with their sister.
  13. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the only one I can tolerate. The rest annoy the fuck out of me.
  14. I own the first 5 seasons on DvD lol.

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