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  1. Anyone else pissed about all the live action horseshit on adult swim? Loiter squad? News Readers? the fuck is up with that? its called CARTOON network for a damn reason. I was thinking about getting a petition together to send them a message but that seems like alotta work:mad:
  2. Yeah, fuck that shit. I hate Tim and Eric awesome show great job but Loiter squad is a whole other level of terrible.
  3. I'd rather watch Loiter Squad than Family Guy and fuckin' American Dad
  4. Ya those shows are lame I wanna see metalocalypse
  5. At least they're short. I could go for more Superjail or something, but if you don't like a show you can just go make a sandwich or something, and when you're done there'll be a cartoon on instead.
  6. yeah they're all aimed at a demographic I am gladly not part of.. hate those shows.
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    gotta love Eric Andre & Stevie Brule

    have not seen news readers yet

  8. And what's that demographic? Stoners? College kids? People with a sense of humor?

    Tim and Eric is really great, but it's something that you either love or hate. How can you not laugh at the informercials for "The B'ougar" and [ame=]"H'amb"[/ame]? If it sucked, would famous comics want to be seen on it? How can you not laugh about [ame=]the guy who sings with the puppet.[/ame] It's genius. Tim and Eric have made awkwardness into an art form.
  9. American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, and The Boondocks is all I watch on AS.

    Everything else is trash. ESPECIALLY Loiter Squad.
  10. Tim&Eric and Steve Brule are the only live action shows I like on AS, if they would just show Superjail and Squidbillies all the time I would be happy.

    Loiter Squad fuckin sucks.
  11. NTSF: SD: SUV: is one of my favorite shows of all time.

    Especially since it aires on Thursdays.
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    wtf is wrong with you?

    That show is beyond hilarious.

    You better hope Spooget does not enter this thread. lololol :rolleyes:

    Loiter Squad can fuck off and die.

    So can the Cleveland Show, that is an absolute trash show that is SO try-hard funny it pains me.

    The OGs of Adult Swim went for the Anime and Raunchy Cartoons.

    I remember staying up late to watch that shit when I was like 10.

    ^this was TRUE Adult Swim.

    "All kids out of the pool for adult swim....."

    It was a channel aimed at stoners and it had Adult Themed cartoons with classic humor.

    What more could you ask for on television?
  13. Im actually a fan of a few of the live shows. dr. steve brule , The eric andre show , the mighty boosh and ESPECIALLY Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Id stay up til 3 and 4AM just for that show lol.

    Although if adult swim were to change the block back to all cartoons i wouldn't complain a fucking Bit. Man i miss adult swim back in 2002-2006.

    I work at K mart and they play some weird radio stations there. A few days ago the theme song from Baby Blues came on and i started to nostalg HARD.
  14. Some of them are alright, especially Tim and Eric. And a good chunk of their animated shows have sucked in my opinion. I'd take the live action stuff over things like super jail or 12oz mouse.

    And lol at petitioning them. It's their network man. And Adult Swim is not a part of Cartoon Network. It IS in that CN owns it, but it's considered a seperate network sharing the same channel
  15. Loiter Squad sucks so much.. One of the only live shows I like on tAdult Swim is the Eric Andre show, but Idek when the hell they show that. I just watch for American Dad and Family Guy, which also can suck sometimes but its good to fall asleep to
  16. Not adult swim but Adventure Time and Regular Show is my shiiiiiiz
  17. Loiter squad makes baby Jesus cry.

    Adult Swim needs to start playing the shows they played 2007-2010 like "Look Around You" and the other weird high t.v. shows haha I didn't mind watching Tim & Eric but only because I would watch it high. The shows now a days can't compare. I'm glad they brought back Superjail or at least they did for a bit but they need to bring back Look Around You :mad: I'd be so high I thought the show was real lol.
  18. Venture Brossss
  19. Cartoon Network has been going downhill since the mid 2000's

    Although I do think adventure time and regular show are pretty good
  20. Robot chicken = best shit

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