Adult Swim: A gift from the Gods to stoners?

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  1. I think Adult swim is the ideal television for us stoners. Shows generally are only 15 minutes long, and usually have little, to absolutely no plot. I love smoking a bowl and watching Aqua Teen, Squidbillies, Robot Chicken, and Tim and Eric. You guy's thoughts? :smoke:
  2. yes!I remember back in like 2000 when i first saw it i didnt even smoke weed and thought all the shows were funny.
  3. Tim and Eric suck huge bull cock.

    Other than those two freaks Adult Swim is generally hilarious.

    My favorites are Family Guy, American Dad, KOTH, Metalocalypse, Superjail, Sealab, ATHF, and Squidbillies.

    I liked 12 oz Mouse when it was on but that was like 3 or 4 years ago.
  4. I hate it when people tell me that tim and eric don't have any talent.

    Seriously look at the details of their show and then you try to think of some things

    that are that absurd yet funny and work. Its also not always going to tell you when you

    should laugh, its more of a what the hell is going on? and that is whats supposed to be


    Anyways yeah almost everything is funny on Adultswim I miss superjail alot.
  5. Tim and Eric are just stupid. They're not funny. I guess it's funny that two grown men are being such jackasses on TV and getting paid for it, but that's about it then I change the channel and wish those two would die.

    Their show is asinine, I tell you what.
  6. i completely agree that their tim and eric's awesome show is totally not awesome.

    but tom goes to the mayor was hilarious.

    i think moral orel was the best thing that's ever been on adult swim. and it's sad that they don't make any new episodes anymore.

    it was a great series.
  7. tim and eric blow big balls.

    But I love family guy, king of the hill, ATHF, superjail, etc.
  8. havent watched adult swim in awhile but the only shows i like are family guy (best show ever! lol) king of the hill, futureama if its still on and robot chicken was hilarious
  9. You just can't beat Family Guy, Aqua Teen, and Robot Chicken when you're high. You just can't.
  10. I will say that the newer Family Guys are pretty terrible.

    Tom Goes to the Mayor wasn't that bad, not near as shitty as Tim and Eric's live action show.
  11. i love it!!! favorite is robot chicken
    and family guy. although that isnt a adult swim original
    usually watch king of the hill, family guy, robot chicken... tim and eric maybe. r
  12. No one for Venture Bros yet?
    Its my favorite show right now. :D

    ATHF, Metalocalypse, squidbillies, and home movies are all fun :)

    I really miss Moral Orel.
    I loves that show
    Also like everything except Tim and Eric and Tom goes to Mayor

    Who remembers Brak show?
  14. Tim and Eric only appeals to me when Im extremely baked :smoking: I however NEVER have liked Venture brothers, or that show with some guy named Xander Cruz. Sealab 2021 was classsic though :)
  15. renegade angel is pretty lame...

    venture bros, how could i forget.
  16. OH MAN.

    okay so i just got faded, then i remembered this thing i saw on adult swim forever ago

    it was called that crook'd sipp or something like that... it was the most hilarious thing i've ever seen in my entire life. if anyone can find it on the internet. DO IT. it's worth it. you'll watch it, you'll laugh your ass off, you'll thank me.
  17. Anime Saturday kicks the virtual ass.

    With the exception of a few terrible shows (tim and eric, metapocolypse and home movies) Everything else is just spectacular.

    Might I add that renegade angel is quite possibly the worst television show I have ever had the displeasure of watching.
  18. Venture Brothers is one of my favorites, Morel Orel is second.
  19. love watchin family guy king of the hill athf suidbillies venture bros, all good shows
  20. I like every show [as] has ever airred including T&EASGJ only two I dont like are Superjail and The Drinky Crow show. oh yeah...and anime.

    Kudos to as for airring The Mighty Boosh.

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