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  1. I found a vaporizer that I like online. It will be my first time to buy paraphernalia online, I'm a little nervous, lol. Couple of questions--- Is it a bad idea to use a credit card or should I buy one of those visa gift cards and use that? Also, it says on the site "Adult signature required on delivery" I'm 20, so age isn't a problem, but I'm worried that maybe shipments that need adult signatures are recorded or something else like that that could come back to me... I sound really paranoid, lol, I just will be in a career that really has zero tolerance for anything like this at all >_<

    Oh, also, I was planning on altering my name a bit (like Sarah Jones to Sara James) on the shipping... when they ask for my signature, to do they look at my ID? Would a slight discrepancy in name keep them from giving it to me? If someone found out about the sale for some weird reason, would the slight name discrepancy help me out legally?

    Ok, now I feel really silly for being so paranoid :rolleyes:

    Thanks y'all for the help and reading all this
  2. A vaporizer by itself isn't illegal. The only way it could be considered paraphenalia is if they have some reason to suspect you're using it with illegal drugs from what I've read. To be honest it does sound silly that you're being so paranoid lol. Employers have no record of anything of that sort and would never be able to gain access to any of that if for some reason it was recorded.
  3. have a friend order it for you to their house or something

    adult signatures to houses dont matter who sign for it, as long as its an adult, at least thats how it is with ups cause i order a lot of gun ammo reloading supplies online that require signatures, and i work during the day, so if anyone is home they sign for them for me, but if you have to go to the ups store to pick it up if no one was home to accept delivery they verify your id that it matches the package
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    Yeah, I know a vape isn't illegal, I just really don't want to have any reason for anybody to ask uncomfortable questions, ya know?

    I'm a total legal issue virgin, and I'd really like to stay that way ;)

    I somehow didn't read your last sentence.... thats a really good point, I feel extra silly now, lol. Thanks Weez :)
  5. Your main problem sounds to be what people think of you. It's not illegal to buy a vap. Just sign your real name so you don't have an legal issues there. They can't not give you a job because you own a vap. Your problem is getting past the UA they will probably give you :(. But there won't ever be any consequences in court for owning your vap. Unless they change a law that says you can't own a vap, in which you'll just have to get rid of it. No biggy. Sign your real name so you aren't accused of stealing a package or falsly signing or some stupid shit like that which is probably illegal, unlike owning a vap :).
  6. yeah of course it could come back to you, its the internet, and credit cards.

    theres no hiding. i dont even try. ive bought detox at the headshop with my credit card.
  7. Don't put down a false name. You COULD put down something like Sarah J, or S James

  8. Thats exactly what I needed to know, thanks sixer :)

    Good point about the false name, I hadn't thought about that- you may have just saved me a big pain in the ass. Thank you!!
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    Depends how it's shipped really. I sell stuff on eBay, and frequently use UPS or FedEx. First off (for both services), in their Terms of Service, "Adult Signature Required" means that a person age 21 or older must sign for the package (ID must be present). Second, I really don't think that signing for the package would come back and bite you unless you had to file some sort of claim with the courier or the retailer.

    If you're really paranoid, have someone else sign for it, use a fake name, and basically do all the other stuff people on here have suggested.

    N.B. You must be 21 to sign for a package listed as "Adult Signature Required". If they gave you a tracking number, it'll say under the "Special Instructions" section or whatever that an adult signature is required. That way, you'll know ahead of time of the signature requirements. Sometimes they say that on the website, but only opt for the plain "Signature Required" option since it's a buck or two cheaper. In that case, anyone of any age can sign for the package.


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