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ADS Bongs

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by kinky reggae, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Basically.. how are ads bongs? good percs or not? ive never smoked one with a perc in it before, just normal bongs from them

    So i went shopping today
    and found a super gnarly ads bong
    it has one perc, a three fingered ice catcher, a diffusing stem, and a custom blown ash catcher that matches the bong

    it is about 3 and 1/2 ft tall
    red and yellow and orange on bottom
    into clear where the ice catcher and the perc are
    then fogged glass with the ADS symbol on it
    then clear again
    the clear at the top is color changing glass
    with some clear bubbles and lines blown in that you can feel when gripping it
    there are two rings
    of "marbles" blown on the glass
    one on each side of the perc

    gonna pay about 280 for it
    any thoughts??

    they are holding it until feb 29 when i get paid

    after i get it
    im taking it next door
    to another shop that does custom glass work in store
    and they are gonna blow me either a double perc ashcather (each has four stems)
    or a harmonica ashcatcher
    to match the bong (they want to take pictures to make sure the ashcatcher matches)
  2. ads makes good, pretty products. as opposed to roor whcih mainly just composes clear tubes, ads splashes a lot more color into their products. i have an ads ashcatcher and its very nice glass, well-decorated, thick, and sturdy. i wouyld definitely recomend that ADS bong, theyre tubes are really nice-lookin
  3. I have a regular 2 foot beaker bottom ADS. No perc or anything but it's very good quality. The frosted tube is their thing. I'd get it.
  4. Do it. My old ADS ripped to the day it dropped was about 2 and a half feet. And thats a nice [rice for that big of a bong.
  5. they're OK tubes. quality isnt up to RooR standards though. too much overall sandblasting for my taste.
  6. went in yesterday to double check how it was.
    they pulled it out and let me spec it
    then gave me crap for waiting till friday
    then put a note on it being held for me
    and figured out the price with tax
    it is just over 3 feet
    all of the artwork is on irradescent color changing glass
    in fact
    everything but the glass around the perc and the sandblasted glass is color changing

    my only issue...
    it doesnt use the standard size glass on glass fittings, it uses the smaller ones
    and the bowl is not a part bowl by any means
    but, i found another bowl at that shop so maybe i can get a deal on that as well

    pics as soon as i get home with it
    and getting a half eigth of strawberry cough or some grape kush to combine with a gram and a half of kief made from white widow nug to break in the piece
  7. yeah please get some pics of the perc on that thing for me. thanks.
  8. Excellent score bro, post some pix! Myself, I prefer the 14.4mm GonG but I think it is because i have small girl hands and the bowl feels better in them. My bong is still just as big but instead of 18mm its 14mm. personal preference i guess.
  9. My friend has an A.D.S and its awesome it wasnt that expensive either
    just like $95. i have a little crush bong and i'm pretty satisfied with it.
  10. i love my ads. i've gotten many a kid retarded with this thing.
    ^the frosted glass is actually pretty cool when youre wicked high. if you wet the glass, it turns clear, so you can make a line of wetness up the bong to see the smoke. try it when youre high

    this one is my buddie's bong, his is more of an artistic one while mine is more of a big hitter. both ADSs, both rip hard
    and a little one to add to the collection (my friends and i are ADS fans if you couldnt tell)
  11. PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!

    as promised





  12. neat tube!
  13. i had one dude but my mom smashed it or something

  14. HAHAHAHAHA I WAS LIKE waiiiiiit ive seen that bong and ashcather before, hahaha. Whatup MIKE. But yeah your bong rips and you need to bring that double bub to my house for spring break

  15. its a nice one, and it tokes well too haha.

    we must think of a good name for it now, possibly Asteria?

    Asteria was the Titan goddess of the oracles and prophecies of night, including prophetic dreams, the reading of the stars (astrology), and necromancy.

    or Helius, he was the Titan god of the sun. He was also the guardian of oaths and the god of gift of sight.
  16. I bought and ADS bong recently and unfortunately my roommate knocked it over and broke the ashcatcher and downstem. What's the easiest way to replace them? I tried to look online but I couldn't really find any ADS products for sale...

    Any tips?
  17. some ads are nice but some of them are bad quality, thin glass. Just keep a look out
  18. I can guarantee you that the OP's ads is not thin. We know our glass here

    as for maryland;

    -clean your ash-catcher thoroughly, there can be absolutely 0 resin on it then take it into your local glass blower. or talk to Kind creations and see if you can have it sent in...

    -by a new down-stem
  19. There not all thin glass dude. However the beaker bottom tubes are real thin on the bottom. I'm looking at getting a 16in straight tube with 9mm glass and its solid as shit.
  20. my friend has a real nice 2 foot ADS with ice pinches and a matching ADS A.C. that thing will definitely make you retarded for a while.
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