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  1. Is Adrenachrome an actual drug? or is Fear and Loathing lying? I can't really find anything on the topic of Adrenachrome
  2. adrenochrome is an oxidation product of adrenaline and can might cause hallucinations, but it doesnt 'make pure mescaline look like ginger beer', if thats what youre wondering.. ive only heard rumors about a couple of accidental ingestions, and erowid doesnt have any trip reports.

    thats basically all there is to know
  3. it looks like very little is really known / documented about the effects of adrenachrome in terms of ingestion and psychodelic properties...

    interesting though. the little research that DOES exist goes to show that Thompson's portrayal of adrenachrome is not entirely accurate, but hilarious nonetheless.

    I have some old epinephrine auto-injectors for anaphalactic reactions (allergic reactions)...I wonder if they've turned pink (adrenachrome)...:rolleyes:
  4. isnt that epinephrine...just some kinda JUNK name?
  5. I specifically remember reading that it was not a REAL drug that of course i mean something one would use recreationally

    however, where i read this information, could have been wrong. If erowid does not cover it extensively, i would recommend staying away from it
  6. Just go with DMT instead. :p
  7. As far as I know there's only one source for this stuff...

  8. Hunter S. Thompson says that the adrenachrome trip was meant to explain a time that he was very very high on several things. Tho adrenachrome is sumthing that u can take and hallucinate with, tho its not considered a psychedelic.
  9. When I was young, four to six years old around 1982 I had a series of three horrible asthma attacks. Awful, it was like drowning. I could not call for help only softly pound on the wall until I would be rushed to the hospital by my dad who I am sure was way more fast than any ambulance could have been. Three times I was ghosting on to awareness and life and got shot in a vein with adrenachrome. I can tell you what that was like verbatum. No hyperbole at all.
    First you hear your heart in your ears and face go from a very slow weak beat to an inital rush of a massive series of increasing pulse. The first three or four being expotentialy and impossibly loud, then you ignore all that because you cant stop from moving and it feels quite like death is shooting straight at you like a (sorry about this) Bludger out of a Harry potter flick. It keeps comming and you have to dodge it, or I swear if it hits you your heart will explode and you will die. I really think this is true. If you don't die and that thing hits you whatever it is you will be insane. It is a bad bad thing. I shudder to think where it came from back in the day. What other hormones do you get with the mess? Are they supposed to go into someont who is four. I will tell you this much. I was not the same. At all. Big doors or perception opened, but some harsh savage truths revealed. Be careful what you wish to know, you just might learn it. That is a mean and foul medicine used for only an exterme last resort. Anyone who takes it for "fun" is a fool in ways and magnitudes that I cannot express. Highly Highly psychedelic. Totally confirmed first hand. The most horrible trip possible, like staring into the teeth of satans ass while it tries to eat your soul out of your neck as you dodge heat seaking cannonballs during a seisure while running and spinning in circles. AKA not fun do not try at home! Ever. Like as in, no, do not take this as a recreational drug. It could really and permanantly screw up your mental health and life. -word again, not kidding stay away form this crap unless of course you want to end up in a sanatarium or in the street until you die.
  10. lol what the fuck i dont remember anything from being 4... way to dig up an old thread lawl... adrenachrome is bogus and that story was perhaps the dumbest thing iv ever read. WHY THE FUCK would a doctor inject ANYONE , muchless a 4yr old kid, with a HIGHLY hallucinagenic and unknown drug that was extracted from another living person? especially in the 80's with aids and shit...

    i think it safe to say

  11. Nah, he is right adrenichrone (sp) gets your heart to start beating again. In Pulp Fiction they inject adrenochrome into the chick that is ODing with Travolta.

    +rep for that crazy story man
  12. Hey, jerks, it was not fun, I did ask and my parents and doctors about it, I have my damn medical records and I named my brother at four quite well thank you. If you do not feel like accepting what is real here on the actual planet earth go blow some wookie on endor. Back then, and go look it up... they did not have medicine as advanced as 2008 where we can isolate the adrenaline or just use ephenipherine (which is what I recall to be the Pulp fiction Drug.) It sucked and I almost died. Piss off. I rember it quite well thanks. Do you rember kindergarten?... hmm!? What! , if not quit smoking so much dope. Most people I know remember at bit of preschool and kindergarten just fine. I can't help the long term memory problems that you have. Perhaps you should tell your mom not to lay so many wookies. I hear they start rembering near death experencies at age 15 or so unlike the rest of us. Ahole. It was at Palo Alto medical foundation clinic through Stanford. So again Piss off and go play with your star wars dolls. Seriously I posted this to help anyone looking for real info, because it is VERY hard to find. If you can't appreciate that it's your problem not mine. Substitute any reality that suits you dude, but as much as Muir woods look like endor its just the north bay, and cochrane is dead. OJ did shank that chick. Duh. Arenachrome yes, an outdated medicine from the 50's used in extreme cases of life and death through the very early eightys. This is planet earth calling Major Tom.
  13. Oh, yea a doctor would inject a four year old with adrenachrome because the kid was almost dead, had an almost non existent pulse, was not breathing and would otherwise be dead. Hmmm dead, not dead... WWCND? Option A let kid die, option B give an asthmatic a powerful hemostatic and pulse inhanser. Fun, no.. his job, yes. Did it give me life long health issues, I don't doubt it. But I am not dead, so I will give him that credit in his decision making process. I guess they just let four year olds die instead on planet endor. 2008 they would let the kid die... in the lobby no doubt. Health care sucks now.

    But back in the day when the doctors were allowed to do what they had to and people did not sue them for spite... things got done. We have good doctors a bad lawers now. That does factor in.
  14. Ok, last one, thank you to you all who read this stuff for what it is. An objective recollection of real events. I have feelings and am an actual person. It was extremley traumatic, and in no way fun. Please respect that I have put a real piece of info out there and don't make light or poke fun at what were some of the most terrifing moments of my life. I was young and it was very scary. Being a jerk about it is like me calling your mom a slut at her funeral. That is just a little bit disresptful. To say the least. I know people like to act juvenile on the internet because they feel like they are unreachable and that gets their rocks off, but try to have a bit more respect than to compare me almost dying from aspyxiation three times as a juvenile to an episode of southpark because it makes you feel cool. I will be at the Make fair this weekend in Austin with a Mohak if you want to politley ask me about it first hand and look me in the eye like a man to see if I am full of it. Or you can stay stuck in the mind of someone who acts like they are eight. Or perhaps appologise for being an ass. Or not, Fuck me if I care. I put this post up for people to read and learn from. Go watch smiling Jack or whatever they based the lame ass character in tropical thunder off of you. Look at me I can insult strangers over the internet too! Wow I just got way more cool... Oh wait.. no.:wave: Peace out I am going back to that whole "I have a life" thing I do...
  15. Whoever is telling that story is just thinking of an epipen, wich is synthetic adrenaline.NOT THE SAME THING...
  16. -rep

    IF adrenachrome was a drug that doctors had access too, dont you think there would be some kind of research online about it, any, that i could look at?
  17. I was wondering what this was all about.

    One time I was rolling balls, and I was just walking aimlessly around my friends house, untill I felt the presence of light, i look out the window and i see an ambulance just chilling there, across the street. My other two friends who were rolling come over and we just stare at it the entire time it was there.

    My friend was like ''Dude you go and lay in the middle of the street and pretend to have a seizure or something, while I go steal all the adreneline from the ambulance.

  18. I remember hearing that Thompson was writing fictionaly about adrenochrome to represent other drugs...
  19. If you can't find any info online... try talking to a doctor or (gasp) opening an actual book... you know those old funny things made out of paper. Adrenachrome has "evolved" over the years as medical science found ways to make it a useful tool. my friend who was an emt has personally administered the stuff in the field. It first came from a pituitary gland, I do not know if the person has to be alive nor if it kills them. I do know that is is primarily synsesied these days. Also that you would not typically ever see it anymore being as that they use epnipherine aka meth. I also know that I have better thinks to do in my life than convince you that jesus does not exist. Belive whatever lets you jack off and feel good about yourself at night. I really don't care. Better yet why don't you just ask your doctor about it next time you go for a check up.It is really no big deal. I did not post to debate as to if it does or does not exist. I was there and just thought I would throw you drug using fucks a bone as to what that shit is like. Go fucking try it if you don't belive me. It's your funeral, not mine. I am over this shit. Rock out with your cocks out, i am the fuck out! Tell your mom to quit humping her dog, she will end up with smarter kids who shave less. It's called homework dude, look into it. It's also to some extent called drug company censorship. Who to you think pays for all those cute little adds that fund google and wikepedia. I bet you cant find the videos from last month where robots were shooting at troops... it's because they were taken off. This is why we have these little plastic things called microfiche and library cards. If you are to lazy or stupid to go to the library then god help you because you are fucking dumb. Have a life.:wave:

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