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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TheCuriousCat, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. In the next few days I will become the owner of one plant that is being given to me by a friend who has too many to care for.

    Anyway I'm posting here because I am an absolute beginner at this.
    I know that I will be receiving one plant of unknown gender and strain.
    It will likely be about 3-4in. tall in a solo cup filled with unknown soil.
    I know it has up until now been receiving sunlight as its main light source.

    Other than that though I'm clueless. I have attempted growing once but only got up to sprouts but the mistake I made was easy to learn from. I've read a little on growing indoors building a grow box because I was planning on doing that in due time.

    I have a space picked out for the plant, it's about 2ft wide, 1.5ft deep, and 5ft tall, I just need some advise on a quick setup that can keep the plant alive and growing... I'm not aiming for massive yield as this is only really a project for me to work on my green thumb.

    I plan on getting some lights fixed up to be raised and lowed over the plant I'm just not sure as to what kind of light I would use. I also plan on getting new soil and a new container for the plant for now.

    Any input or advise would be greatly appreciated, I don't have a gigantic budget but I do have a few hardware stores nearby that I plan on getting supplies from.
  2. If you have the money, look into HID lighting. It'll produce the best plants. Get on craigslist and look for old 400 watt magnetic ballast hps/mh lights. You can usually find one under 50 bucks a piece. The magnetic ballasts work forever, and they are super cheap. Even if it only lasts one grow, it pretty much pays for itself.

    With that, you'll have to spend some cash on good ventilation. I'd personally go with a 300-500 cfm fan and run a cool tube. It sounds like you're going to grow in a closet. If you are, definitely butcher the door for the ventilation hosing. You'll want to keep them short. If you're renting or don't want to destroy that door, just purchase a door that you can cut up.

    Other than that, I'd personally just ask the guy who's giving you plants what he usually does.

    Be sure to research what soils are acceptable. There are a lot available but some are trash for anything other than house plants. Definitely buy a PH pen. It's a must.

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