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  1. Hi all.

    You may remember me from my previous thread. :D

    Anyway, I have a question. I may have decided I am not a cat person. I took the cat from my Dad, because I thought he might put it to sleep because he was moving out of state to Hawaii. Uhm, anyway, I took him and he is a lot for me to handle. There are times when he is good and just chills, but I never grew up around cats.

    Is it wrong for me to adopt him out if I find him a good home? I can tell the cat likes me. I just want both of us to be happy...

    Any advice is appreciated.
  2. If a cat is too hard for you to take care of, you are obviously doing something wrong.

  3. Ha. Okay. :rolleyes:

    It's not that he is too hard to take care of, he is just annoying. Like I said, I guess I just am not a cat person. :confused_2: Either that, or I don't want him as my responsibility. That is the question though. Is it immoral to adopt him out if it is with a good home?
  4. God I wish the phone app had likes and rep!! Died laughing ha

  5. Well, put yourself in the situation of the cat. Would you want to be adopted out to a loving home? It's certainly a lot better than being put down or forced to stay outside forever like some people I know. I think it's a great choice even though it may feel a little awkward or embarrassing, whoever decides to adopt them are more then likely going to provide a good loving home considering they chose to adopt them in the first place. Don't give up on finding him a new home after a few days and drop him off at the pound or something, there's someone out there that would be happy to have him even if he ends up being a mouser or whatever :)
  6. Idk man i just adopted a 3month old kitten. Hes full of energy always playing/wanting to be played with, but he sleeps a lot too. I dont find it annoying at all, whats yours doing to be annoying? They need to play, its how they learn to hunt and such, and being domesticated, playing with toys is all they have to learn with. Is that annoying or too much for you? I bought a wand with a stretchy string and a toy at the end of it so i can play with him from my seat and he will chase it and stuff. Sure he might go places you dont want him, like kitchen countertops like mine does, but you just gotta teach him to stay away, look it up online, thats what i do. All pets will need to be taught tho.

    I dont find him much responsibility. I just spend 5minutes every morning cleaning out his litterboxes/putting out fresh water and food. And i play with him and have fun. And if your cat is young and active, he will calm down as he gets to be an adult and will sleep all day. You may miss hiw he wants to play now.

    He is pribably already attached to you by now and will feel abandoned if you adopt him out. Goodluck with whatever you do

  7. A mouser? Lol. What?

    Yeah, I wouldn't just drop him off at the pound. He is an always-inside cat. :p

  8. Thanks Don.

    Yeah, I treat him good, but sometimes I just don't want to know I have a cat I have to take care of. I hope that's not selfish. :D

    I think if he had a good home, he would forget about me.

  9. Used for hunting mice like out of garages or sheds? It's a pretty commonly used term around here haha
  10. Hey man,

    I adopted a 3m kitten 3m ago.. And never regretted it for a second. She is so lovely.. And the fact that I got her from a shelter- I think she knows that, and truly appreciates.. ;) it's so sweet when a pet sincerely loves you ;)
    Cats are awesome... Awesome chilling companions as well..:)

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  11. Sometimes you have to do what is best for the pet. If you feel you are not able (for whatever reason) able to give the cat the care he needs, finding a new home is a good option. Cats may not be as complicated/time consuming as some pets, but they do require time and effort. It's good that you understand that and don't see the kitty as a throw away pet to be ignored, that would be very sad.

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