admitted to hospital yesturday

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  1. alright so my saturday was pretty shitty, you guys?

    i woke up at about 1030 get a drink and start watchin some highlights, i get this pain in my head kinda like a stuffy sinus feelin, take some meds and goto bed.

    within 15 min it turn into a full fledged migraine. now usually i get an Aura before but they figure that happened while i slept.

    so to make this shorter, i ended up finally going to the ER cause i had already taken; 2 advil cold n sinus, 2 graval, and 2 T3's. kept throwin up from the pain.

    when i get there and get in they gave me an IV with 3 bags, eventually fell asleep for few hrs,wokeup felt a bit better.

    Worst part about this is its nothing newi was diagnosed with chronic igrainesat the age of 2 and had a CT Scan at 4, didnt find anything, but always been getting them. also see a neuroligist for 5 years:hello:

    tldr (for the incredable ripped)
    -woke up withmirgraine
    -tooklotsa meds
    - didnt help went to ER
    -they helped
  2. saturday was WAY better. :p

    Glad you're feeling better...what a crap weekend for ya.

    Here's to a MUCH MUCH better week ahead! ;)
  3. Lol check out what time that video was posted:hello:

    that sucks about your migraines though man
  4. Check into getting some frovatriptan, usually that works but if it doesn't I end up shooting up imitrex.
  5. You threw up from the pain?

    There can't be too many things worse than pain so bad it induces nausea. I'll remember that next time I get some stomach virus and think my life sucks.

  6. Yah man it sucks happens probally about 60% of the time I get a migraine

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