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Admiralty law, law of the sea vs. Common law, law of the land

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jake4569, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Im starting this thread to define the difference between admiralty law and common law. First off im not a lawyer and this is not legal advice im just a fellow toker tryin to spread the message that admiralty law- law of the sea does not have the force of law unless consented by the governed and trying to attain more knowlodge/power from my fellow tokers :D. Now what is admiralty law you might ask well its the law of the sea! Now it came onto land and started applying to you the (person) which you are not, more on that topic later.. when you docked/birthed at the hospital. Your parents signed a contract, your birth certificate, this made a legal joineder between you and the person a corporation, you are not who you are on your ID i know that sounds confusing but look at your credit cards, ID, mail sent to you, it will all have your name in all caps ex: TYLER HARRY CLIED. Now why is that important? because the law of sea can not apply to a flesh and blood human being Tyler of the Clied family would be you. When a officer ask's is this you on the Id and you say yes your are consenting for that Legal Entity being you so Admirilty law applys to you all acts and statues are under admiralty law. Common law is the only law that applys to a flesh and blood human being, common law being harm, injury and loss. So when you get pulled over for speeding and the officer giving you a speeding ticket its under admiralty law which does not get the force of law unless consented by the governed. When you are driving a car you are entering into a legal contract. Driving as defined by black's law dictionary- The act of directing the course of something, such as an automobile or a herd of animals that why you need a drivers license which is defined as- The state-issued certificate authorizing a person to operate a motor vehicle, now you must ask what is a vehicle since im driving it, which is-something used as an instrument of conveyance. Now what does it mean to convey something [im getting to my point don't worry] Convey: to transfer or deliver (something such as a right or property) to another by deed or other writing. so when you convey something you are doing business or commerce for which you need a license to do so ex: business license, truckers need license's ect. Now my point is you don't need a drivers license if you are traveling because you are not committing commerce, you have a common law you being of the Clied family and not TYLER HARRY CLIED the legal fiction to travel, now what does travel mean? Traveler- A person who passes from place to place, for any reason Now i know i just said a person is a legal fiction but it depends on the context you use it in (my dictionary is blacks law dictionary btw) now a person is- 1. A human being 2. An entity (such as a corporation) that is recognized by law as having rights and duties of a human being. So when your TRAVELING you as a human being are not conveying anything your traveling so basically you dont need a license to TRAVEL in your CAR but you do need one to DRIVE a MOTOR VEHICLE because you need a Business license when committing commerce. Heres my proof that you don't need a license to travel, this is not me in the video. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARuNvvbmIcU]YouTube - Right to Travel - Encounter with London Police[/ame] Peace love and light fellow hippies =D
    Remember im just like you im trying to find out the truth in the world just like you so please dont hate.
  2. careful, this stuff usually gets banished to the box.
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  5. i read the affadavit of truth. i'm considering it. waiving my US rights though is a heavy decision

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