Admiral Nelson or Smirnoff

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  1. Completely different things, but im in college and i was in the liquor store the other looking for drinks and came across admiral nelson, while i was shopping for smirnoff. Now i have heard of the drink, rum...some say its cheap rum, i dont know.

    Any you guys had admiral nelson before? Is it a good buy? Because personally it looks kinda..simply put... "Ehhhh"

    Or should i just buy smirnoff, which is what i intended.

    please also no comments about buying high end liquor either, cmon im on a budget.
  2. Both choices are kind of "Ehhhh."

    But, between the two, I would go with Smifnoff. More mixing options with clear liquor.
  3. Admiral is pretty good. Just grab some pepsi or coke with it and make a good mix.

    Vodka sucks.

    Me, I feel like gettin 2 40 oz Olde English for tonight.
  4. what does admiral taste like, i heard some comments that its got sorta a vanilla taste to it. Different than capt. morgan but similar? I just dont want to buy it and be disappointed, but thats what i might do...i mean i gotta try it at one point.
  5. I can't tell the difference between the taste of Admiral and Capt.
  6. back in high school i would drink admiral nelson like fuckin water...didn't smoke much back then but i'd generally kill a fifth or two to myself of that stuff after a weekend of partying...i'll give you one bit of advice i learned during these times of being shitfaced all the time...ALL hard liquor sucks and will not taste good! unless its some goose or something expensive like that. Just suck it up and glug!
  7. This. It's one of the better dirt cheap liquors in my opinion.
  8. Yeah admiral and capt. are very similar.

    I prefer vodka but if your on a budget its admiral no question. It's way cheaper per L.
  9. admiral nelson got me in some trouble.....

  10. No sir, you have tarnished the admirals good name through your misdeeds. :D
  11. Coming from a seasoned drinker, either one is a fine choice. Vodka is vodka, it doesn't really matter what you buy. Admiral Nelson is fine if you are mixing it, but you can tell a difference if you are taking shots.

    My choice: Buy whiskey.
  12. Admiral is not Captains imo it smells like it but I love me some Rum and it is either Morgans or Sailor Jerry's

    when I am broke it is Ron Roberto Spiced ( good and bad times) meh


    Goose Or Stoli...nuff said

    25 bills for a 750 ML bottle at my favorite

    but to go along with the thread

    I'll take the smirnoff

  13. i bought it.

    14 shots = insanity. Im not even kidding i had 7 double shots and im wasted as i type this. seeing double vision and i love college sometimes haha
  14. I have drankin a whole bottle of it before a d could recite the alphabet backwards...

    I have had 14 beers and sone mr bostons tonight and aI can type god even on my friends iPhone

    so yeah but both are kinda bad
  15. Goose is WAY overpriced. If you're looking for a really good (better than Goose) vodka, that's not outrageously expensive, go with Ketel One. About the same price, but way better.

    Stoli... good value most of the time.
  16. I don't see how the discussion of other drugs is not allowed at Grasscity but alcohol is still fine. Is alcohol not a drug?
  17. Alcohol is not listed as an illegal substance in most countries.

  18. dude
    25$? for 750 ML? I usually paid like 30-40 for that

    Goose is cheap at 2 stores round me

  19. Around me it's slightly more expensive but I gotta agree that it's better vodka. Flavored goose is good though. I dig the orange.

  20. word ketel one is quality stuff, but a bit cheaper. i feel like a pimp drinking goose tho...most of the time i get platinum. that shit is a guaranteed good night and an even worse hangover!

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