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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by acanz, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Can an admin please delete my account? I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Acanz? Where have I heard that name before? You frequent any other forums by any chance.. about spud guns I think?
  3. Yea, spudtech.

    Can someone please delete my account anyway? Im only 12 and this weed talk is poisoning my virgin eyes
  4. Haha, whats the REAL reason?
  5. My friends and family know me as acanz, and I dont want them to find this and get the wrong idea
  6. You should probably PM an admin about this rather then making a whole thread.

  7. When are people gonna learn?

    I don't think the admins will delete your account.

    YOU chose to signup here... YOU created the account. YOU made the posts.... so why are you trying to cop out now and cover what you've already done.

    If you're that worried about it - DON'T JOIN A MARIJUANA FORUM!


    Edit: Why make the mods do all the work? Why can't you just delete all your posts yourself? LoL
  8. Yeah, I figured it had to be spudtech I never really went to any other ones. I went there for a longass time, I think I have 1300 posts in there from one year on the new forum or something stupid like that... :rolleyes:. Don't bother going on there anymore because DR and all of them are pretty rediculous. Bring back bartman and boogieman.. :hello:
  9. Moved to General Feedback.

    Sure, I'll delete your account. For future reference, when an account is deleted, all that happens is that you will no longer have access to it. The posts remain as does the User Name.

    However, people need not make accounts here if they don't wish to keep them. What's the point?

    As DP said, you're responsible for your own actions.

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