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    Problem solved. Thanks
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  3. Are they the round leaves? Cotyledons

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  4. Can you get a pic? I'm not even a pro and i'm thinking of like 15 things that could make leaves yellow.
  5. wow i'm slow lol
  6. did they get nutrient solution on them when you watered?
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  7. That's what it looked like when my lower leaves touched the nute water i watered with, it burned the crap out of them. If they've been in contact with it i'd take them off and clean up any lower foliage that might contact the nute water or soil with the wet nute water. if they didn't i'm thinking nute or ph issue. It looks like there's some soil on the edge of the leaves where they got burnt. i bet the tip of that green leave next to it with soil on the tip of it is next to burn.
  8. The nutes I use has a foliage application measurement for a spray bottle. Was that a bad idea? I don't see any benefit with spraying plants with your nutes anyway haha
  9. She's under a 125watt 6500k CFL, also have an 80watt and a random 23watt all 6500k. The 125 is at least 5-6 inches from her. I have good circulation in the box. Temps average 80 degrees, 70's with the box open. Humidity is around 30-40%
  10. You may be right. The plant is so close to the soil and those lower leaves get wet when I water
  11. I think i have pics of mine here somewhere if you want to compare them.
  12. Way to much nitrogen, upper fan leaves way to green, to much foliage feeding and not enough water in the pot for the plant to evenly distribute all that foliage feeding. Leaves yellowing at the bottom means your plant is trying to use the energy in those leaves to build new roots because it cannot find any water where roots currently are. I call those leaves "desperation leaves", because the plant will literally kill it's self in attempt to go looking for the water that you are not giving it!
  13. Looks like nute burn. I would stop or use a fraction of the amount you are using now. That soil has enough nute to get it going. I had the same problem.
    Also how often do you water?
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  14. These leaves right here from my first crop were burned everywhere the nute water touched. looks pretty similar to me but looks like other things too. i was fortunate enough to notice i was getting the nute water on the leaves, foliage spray is fine but you don't want to get full strength soil nutrients on your leaves directly. I agree with fataqui too, there's other things goin on you should look into too.[​IMG]
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  15. Foliar feeding is ill advised for beginners. And don't snip leaves/branches. Pop them off with your fingers.

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  16. Looks exactly like that, my other girl had a couple messed up ones too
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