Admin: Could I find out why a thread was deleted?

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  1. Hello & thanks for the great resource you manage to our benefit. 
    I posted a thread in Security yesterday and after a bit of activity it disappeared. I understand that some topics/content may be inappropriate on this forum. I would like to avoid running afoul of board policies in the future.
    Could you PM me and let me know what may have caused the deletion of my thread? I am not complaining. I would just like to know what content was inappropriate.
    Thank you.

  2. I looked through all of your content and didn't see any topic started in Security, If it was removed, It was done by an administrator and was hard deleted. I can't find any record on the moderator level. If what was posted was controversial or at odds with our forum's policies, administrators will remove the content.
    I'm sorry I can't be of more help, perhaps an administrator will see this and chime in.
    Thanks Chunk,
    I am stumped as to why they thought it needed to be deleted. That is why I asked this question. Wanting to know how to stay out of trouble in the future :)
  4. Normally, if it's problematic, we will give you the reason in a pm. If a moderator removes it, it is "hidden" and we have access to it. I would be able to see the thread in your content while no one else but a mod or admin can see it. Not knowing what was in it, I can't really comment one way or another as to it being within our TOU.
    Did you have any external links to another competing site in it?
  5. No links or reference to competing sites.
    I asked for input from others who may have made or observed similar errors in judgment to what I committed regarding shipping a package. 
  6. Could that have been counter to the "no discussions of trafficing"?  :smoke:

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