Adjusting the PH of Organic Soil

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Gurid, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Howdy,

    Currently on my first grow, and i have a sneaking suspicion a few of my plants might be suffering nitrogen deficiency at the hands of a ph problem. So I'm testing the PH tonight on their dark cycle, and then based on what I find, I might very well need to up the ph in one and lower the ph in another. So with that, I ask can I use PH Up and Down solutions that are for pools, like these?

    SpaTime at Lowe's: 22 oz. pH Down

    Aqua Chem at Lowe's: 5 lbs. pH Down

    Aqua Chem at Lowe's: 4 lbs. pH Up

    It says they're for hot-tubs and pools, but ph is pretty universal its just concentrated differently, so it wouldn't matter if i diluted some of that ph up and down and ran it through my soil, then flushed, recheck, rinse-repeat?

    Or do i have to get special Soil PH up and down?

    Thank you.
  2. You don't want to put that shit in your soil dude. Try baking soda to raise it or vinegar to lower it. Doesn't take much.

  3. So stick to organic ph up and downs. Gotcha.
  4. Unless your ph is realy out of whack you shouldn't need to adjust, if fully organic....

    Are you using any mycho in your soil or watering? what nutes/soil are you using?

    Did you check the ph yet, if so what is it?
  5. i change my ph by flushing the soil if i need it up i just flush with my tap water as its pretty high if i need it down i add some ph down to my water and flush with a water of 5. or so i flush until i get my RUN OFF ph too where it should be with soil, the all so magical level of 6.8 no lower no higher for me.

    if you already dont have a idea of where the ph of your soil mix is throw some in a one gallon pot and run some ph 7 water through it untill you can clearly test the run off levels

    baking soda is very salty that is the reson most people on this site will not use it

    vinegar lowers your ph but it will not hold it at that level for very long go to the pet store and buy some ph up and ph down they run about 6 bucks each 6.50 with tax where i'm from its not cheap for a little bottle but you will most likely need them
  6. Like newgrowNY say's, a properly set up organic soil mix will generally adjust pH on it's own. I've been using a soil protocol that was posted here ( An organic soil mix of mine). When I water with my 7.4 pH well water the runoff is always 6.3-6.4 pH.

    I haven't had to screw with pH adjusting for awhile now, although I do periodically check the runoff.

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