adjusting ph in soil

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  1. Hi, I just bought a hanna ph tester and tested a mix of equal parts of soil and osmosis water, is this the good way to test the ph in soil? the ph was 5.9. so I bought a ph+ solution to raise the ph to 6.5. The weird thing is that i tested the water I use to water my plants and it's at 7.5 so I don'T know why the soil is at 5.9. My question is how do I raise the ph in my soil to 6.5 I don't want to overdose and have an alkaline ph.
    thanks guys.
  2. Use the PH + solution that you just bought to raise the ph. What type of soil are you using (name brand, nutrients if any etc)?
  3. I have Vitalium black top soil mixed with perlite. I didn't use any ferts yet but I will do it as soon as my ph is ok. the plants recovered from an overfert (there was some ferts in the previous soil, I replanted the plants in new soil) and they were doing good. Now all signs points to mg deficiency, probably a nute lock due to my acidic soil. If I water with ph 8 water, would my overall ph of the soil would raise to 6.5?
  4. Try it and see.
    It might work. If not use your PH +.

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