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  1. Hey grassies,
    I have 2x 230Vac axial fans (4C-DVB-W - BISONIC - FAN, HIGH AIR FLOW, 120MM | Farnell United Kingdom) and after screwing/gluing/siliconing them into a self built cupboard I'm gonna grow in I've realized they're far too noisy & powerful (cupboards pretty small) and i need someway to adjust the fan speed but dunno where to start. atm the fans are wired up separately to the mains & out of the fan i have 4 wires, 2 are shorted together the other 2 are soldered to 2 core wire going to mains. is there some sort of dimmer switch that would work or can i just hook a potentiometer across the shorted out wires?

    please help taking the fans out isn't really an option,
    thanks - D

  2. No one?
    Will wiring both fans to a single mains plug so they run at 115v decrease the fans speed, I can't get to the wires without significant effort effort so would like an answer before trying
    Thanks - D
  3. Go to your local grow supply shop and you can purchase an amp dialer or something like that...i have the box at home but i have a 8" ducting fan..decently loud and only one speed. bought a "control box" if you will and it controls the power going to the fan. has a dial you can turn to adjust to a low setting medium or high to full setting. fully adjustable not just low med high. heres the link for exactly what i have. works EXACTLY how i wanted it too...sounds like your best bet

    Fan, Pump, & Small Motor Adjustable Speed Controllers at Home Harvest® Garden Supply
  4. Most likely the 4 wires is so you can run it with either 240 or 120vac. The motor speed in AC electricity is derived from the HZ (usually 60) so lowering the voltage to slow the fan will most likely not allow the fan to work correctly. What you need is a fan speed controller.
  5. thanks for the reply, I tried wiring both fans in series but was an idiot and put them in parallel they ran for a few minutes before they both burnt out, smoke started coming from the motors and now neither work :p
    I just brought a more expensive fan with a little less CFM and a lot less noise

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