Adjustable table/platform instead of adjusting lights?

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  1. I'll soon be growing a number of different strains with varying heights (indica dom, sativa dom) and I am looking for some sort of platform/table that can be raised/lowered with ease, so I can more easily control each plant's distance from the lights. I'll be training the plants to spread out, but some will naturally grow taller/faster than others. Any thoughts?
  2. Bueller...?
  3. I don't know of anything like that...on an individual plant by plant basis, but if you figure something out let me know. I can raise and lower my lights, but like you, I have different kinds of strains flowering in the room. What I've been doing is using flower pots filled with soil to raise and lower my plants. We have a grow that's a little larger than average. When I harvested my plants, I would cut the stalk below the soil level in the pot. That leaves me with a pot full of dry soil and the roots from the old plant But, if it's a shorter plant when it goes into the flower room, I've been stacking two pots of dry soil under my plant. I set the plant on the top with a drip tray under it. When the plant gets large enough and needs lowered, I just remove one pot of soil and drop it down about 6 inches by doing that. I've been trying to figure out something along these same lines to use in our grow...but I've not figured anything out yet. Told hubs that we could make us some serious money if we could figure out something to meet this need. LOL But I know EXACTLY where you're coming from my friend. While you're doing this, be aware that the closer your plants are to the lighting that the less overall sq. ft. of coverage you get from the light. Don't take them up so high and close to the lights that you block your light from the other plants. About as close as I go to the light fixture (we flower with 1000 watt hps bulbs) is about 10-12 inches. You've got the right idea though. Good luck!! TWW
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    Good point about the potential for blocking other plants when moving one closer to the light, I will keep that in mind. I am thinking of something like stacked plastic crates ($6 each):


    Except at 11" tall, this might be too much height per crate. They might not support the weight of 15-25gal pots either...
  5. Think you aren't getting the response you want because you're not giving the details needed. I wouldn't use plastic crates if you're using HPS or mh. Back in the day I used paver blocks to hold up my light. I had a stack on either side of the light light. add a couple to bring it up, take a couple away to lower. Was easy and won't burn the place down. But really hanging the light is the easiest. Most hanging ropes have pretty good adjustability and you're not attenuating the light with them at all.
  6. I'm using LEDs and these crates aren't supposed to support the lights, they are supposed to get the shorter indica plants closer to the light
  7. I use a box of regular bricks I had in the basement, but paver blocks are a good idea too. They'll definitely support the weight, they're porous so they will drain, and they'll retain heat to help keep temps up longer during lights-out. They're a lot cheaper than the $6 plastic crates too. Maybe you can find a neighbor who has a few extra sitting around that you can get for free.

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