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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. Goodbye my dear friends, I will miss you all so very much but its time this catepillar spun himself a cocoon and leave forever. You've been such ggod friends to put up with me for this past year but the 36 yr old BPP that you've known has got to leave now and never to be seen again.

    What? Gone

    Yes gone and forgotten.

    Will you ever return?

    Sure, but i won't be the same as before. I will re-emerge from cocoon to be a different animal I hope.

    rehab? religous commune? jail?

    Nope something much worse?

    A birthday!

    I'm heading to the land of beads, boobs, beer, and gumbo to say goodbye to 36 and welcome in37!

    By the time you hear from me again I will be a different person.

    I happen to fall on a holiday this year, pretty damn close to several holidays (valentine, mardi gras, luna gras) in fact.

    So I have decided at the spur of the moment to go forth and be fruitful. Now on Joe Cain Day there will be another reason to celebrate. For all you Mardi Gras pros, smoke one for Old Chief Sac, I'll be doing the same.
  2. Hey BPP you had me in tears for a minute! You and Smokie are the only friends i have! (Male friends any way) yes and critter too!! You just can't have too many friends.

    Happy B-Day bama boy! I wish you well on your trip and many years that you'll haunt us!!!
  3. have a FREAKIN WONDERFULL time poppa....

    and i mean that in the nicest possible way ;)
  4. p.s. Oh ...
    *blush* and happy birthday dalin...
  5. You had me goin there for a minute! !!!! *whew*

    Hope the beads boobs and beer are plentiful, we'll all smoke plenty in honor of you and your metamorphis :) Can't wait to see your "wings"
    be safe & happy birthday!!!! :)

  6. That's not funny. oh well, go forth be fruitful and know that i'm hittin' it up right along w/ ya. Happy birthday!
  7. I was'nt buyin it.

    Nope, not one little bit.

    I knew you was leadin up to something.


    Maybe for one second I thought maybe you had been watching some show on the PTL network and in moment of frenzy you had found Jesus and he wanted you to grow your hair out to some kind of weird Elvis evangelist pompadour type thingee and you were starting your own religion based on stock car racing and championship wrestling.

    But that was only for a second.

    You ain't goin nowhere you ol' fart.

    Where would I be without my emotional punching bag?


    That's barely old e'nuff for membership in O.F.F.!

    Well if I was a little closer, I'd surely be there to bend a few elbows in salutation. I'll knock one back for ya anyway!

    Have a good one ya big lug!
  8. Happy birthday BPP,Hope ya pass a good time at Mardis-Gras!!! I will blow smoke in all directions as I am Token in the Quarter, hoping that you are enjoying the same!
  9. Don't know you, but I had a sick feeling for a minute. Been the old 37 for about 6 mo. myself, so I welcome you to the next point on our great journey over the hill. If your climbing the same hill as I am you will never reach the top and be over the hill. My philosophy in life is to stay young at heart and mind, the rest will take care of itself, for if you ever stop and take a look at a young child their life is full of wonder. What an amazing state of mind, eh? Try to keep it, for it will keep you always young. As far as the young children go and their state of mind, I speak from experience. For I have 3 wonderfull and very curious children myself. They keep me on top of my game that's for sure. Peace love and keep token'.

  10. You got it right!

    Glad to see everyone looks out for the old BPP! I'm sorry if I set you up just so I could hear you say nice things about me. Please forgive me.

    I've reflected a lot during this past year and have made a few New Years resolutions that i would like to share:

    #1 - learn or try 5 completely new things this and every year

    #2 - Put family and friends first and foremost, especially before work

    #3 - Don't freak out so bad about life, You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

    #4 - Life is short and you get only one go-around. You had better make it worthwhile.

    #5 - change is good, don't fear change but embrace it like a new chapter in a book.

    Now why am I telling you all this? Because at first I said I shouldn't but then said WTF? it can't kill me can it?

    Also, my wife said I needed to start keeping a journal, that the writing would let off pressure. So Try something new I said in #1 above.

    Also I need help, it's time I changed my AV, sig, profile, etc. I have a new sig for this year as well as a new title. But I can't find a good Elvis AV to replace the elephant. A little help pointing me in the right direction would be nice. ALso, how do I change my location in my profile, can't figure that out yet.

    Birthdays freak me out so be patient and I'll get over it!

    P.S. All you bald guys, I'm on day 61 and not only do I have longer hair at age 37 than 27, but its starting to get curly. While you are getting the ladies to rub rogaine on
    your scalp, they will be twirling their fingers through my curly brown locks.

    One last one. Why the big change BPP? In all seriousness, I had a friend who lost his wife to luekemia. He said that he and his wife put off doing things till later and now there was no later for them to do things. He said enjoy life and your wife while you got them and by god I am.
  11. those are great resolutions, every single one of them! i think by sharing them with us you are inspiring at least one person to try to practice some of these!

    as for putting things off for when you have more time, do it NOW !! there are so many things i wish i could go back and do but no regrets ~ just do them now and enjoy your life. and god bless the loss of your friend's life. leukemia is difficult, i lost someone very close to me with it and it's more than just a tragedy, it changes you...

    writing in a journal i will note this: if you sit down set to write, and don't have anything to write about you might get frustrated. it sounds weird, but carry it with you @ all times, you are inspired to vent onto paper at the most curious of times!
    i love my journal, my bf knows it exists, but never knows where it is. and sometimes expressing yourself on paper, well, it calms you down. eases your worries, once you read over them, you realize how "minimal" or controllable your situation is.
    you'll feel refreshed and oftentimes will gain perspective by reading your own words !! besides, we're all waiting for an autobiography :p
  12. Well I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time, even if you do like to fool people. live it up and have some fun for us who aren't there.
  13. Great thread BPP...those resolutions are great to live by. Like resolution is to not put things off til tomorrow that I can get done today. Hope you had a Happy B-day and fun at Mardi Gras! I probably would've went down there if the Rams won the Super Bowl but there's always next year!
  14. I went down over the weekend buty never made it to the Big Easy. I stopped at the Gulf Coast's version of Las Vegas and helped the in-laws out with some heavy duty son-in-law chores and stopped in Mobile for their tamer parades. I really wanted my kids to enjoy Mardi Gras and not have to worry about drunks, bare breasted women, fights, etc. The kids had a blast and it will be something we do with them in the future. I'm going to take the kids to N.O. this year but need to time it right.

    Thanks for the kind words!
  15. Look what Cottons came across...


    I love playin in the older threads from time to time. They're fun :D

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