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ADHD , Marijuana and Alcoholics Anonymous

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by kenoshabon, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Thanks - been on ritalin, hated that; tried a few others via doc too. Effexor (I think) worked for a while, then quit. Also, I'm sick of having to take pills - if I toke once or twice in the evening (will be getting a vaporizer soon), not only does it seem to help the following day, but it relaxes me that evening so I can really get into a project or good show on the tube. NEVER could do that with ritalin or anything else!!
  2. i really don't think that that suggestion is part of the program... in fact, its real clear about controversy concerning things other than alcohol (for us that is) and in alot of meetings you can't even talk about other substances... that doesn't stop people in aa from adding their own ideas, but as we know they are a bunch of crazy fuckers (who i love) so i tend to stick with the actual spiritual program the way its laid out...

    of course i don't talk about herb at meetings but i did have to make a choice about talking about it at all to other people in the fellowship... in fla esp i've noticed the way alot of folks are way closeminded, one thing its the bible belt and there are alot of crack and pill heads going to the meetings here (alot of treatment centers i think?)... so i keep it need to know...

    anyway that's it, not sure what else you might wanna know! :wave:
  3. AA of any sort is bullshit

    lets blame genetics lets blame some unknown power and most of all lets force ourselves into a drone like schedule of meetings that remind you of just how weak willed you are lol

    how about enjoying your drugs of choice by setting aside time for binge & recovery cycles instead of pussing out via quitting? seems to work for tons of people from tweekers to alcoholics
  4. Thats always the problem that friends of bill run into isn't it.
    the notion that if you have to stop one, it's all or nothing. That's just a remnant of the addictive mind making rules of how to be sober. Addicts watching addicts. (I llove my sponsor, but they are always know it alls)

    The irony is that at most NA/AA meetings most people are chugging coffee and smoking ciggarettes, pulling out the coins telling ya they're all clean.

    Work your program how you need to and whichever way helps. There are no set rules on how to deal with addiction, never could stick with that AA/NA stuff.

    That cognitive dissonance will get ya every time, maybe it's time to think about how much hot air bill spouted.
    best of luck with your recovery, you sound strong, one day at a time right?
  5. ^ there is one set of rules that'll keep you happy high 'n level headed with your use

    mix it up all the time by setting up binge time for each - this will teach your body that certain chemical spikes aren't a fuckin' emotional meltdown

    mix up the ways in which you enjoy each and every item (3+) and randomly change up

    if you wanna stop for longer periods simply reduce dose following it up with a bit more than normal and a heaping helping of bud

    this will enhance the good and the bad without physical harm

    this means if you drink you'd wanna drink a bit heavy in the hangover range and smoke enough nug to have you feeling all the alcohols poison effects in full force

    you may throw up and you won't be sleeping through most of the DXM like sea sick feeling but it'll put you off the sauce for at least 6 months as your mind connects the smell/taste ect in more detail leaving a very solid imprint of said smell/tastes result

    think of it like voice recognition software thats just been given higher bitrate command sounds to mirror in realtime

    pot will always bring out both sides of any other drug if pushed far enough
  6. Again, thanks all for the advice. I truly do believe that abstinence from alcohol is necessary for me . .one drink is ALWAYS too much; I never, ever in my life had just one or two drinks and quit.

    However, with the herb it is totally different. I don't even think about it until I notice my brain racing again. I don't look forward to it in the evenings like I did beer or wine. Maybe that will change with continued use, but that is how it is now. Nice to hear from other AA's who understand. Don't think I'll be sharing it with my sponsor or anyone else. Like you said, Need to Know basis.

    I think I have my answer, and I really appreciate all the help!

    Here's to another 24!
  7. My girlfriend has ADHD and blacks out a lot when she smokes. Whether these two are related has yet to be concluded, but she's the only person I've ever met who would black out from marijuana and so I don't push it on her.
  8. I was close to going to AA meetings last summer. Two of my best-friends were killed and my other great friend was stabbed and rapped. Shitty deal. Drinking made me feel better and forget about how bad their death was.

    Then my friend smoked me up and I started smoking and stopped drinking. I'm not addicted to pot, I just love it very, very much. :smoke: Plus, it's much healthier than drinking all the time.

    -- smoking_poke
  9. she takes meds for adhd? if so the cotton mouth effect gets bad and if it's bad enough you'll end up with shortness of breath and lots of coughing or a set of dry gunky lungs fulla particles the saliva usually catches if it makes it past your nose

    this with a higher heart rate and dry ass eyes/nose leave you pretty outta it

    unless you focus on your breathing 'n do all sorts of shit to get your nose/mouth staying moist enough to catch all the crap you'll pass out like a drunk 'n wake up feeling hungover from the lack of oxygen
  10. I get what your saying... I'm pretty sure AA's can't use drugs either, am I correct?

    I dont consider cannabis a drug. Alcohol is a drug- not cannabis.
  11. actually the point of aa is that you can do whatever you want and no one can obviously tell you what to do or stop you from anythnig or take any kind of responsibility for you... the fact that alcoholics are by definition completely crazy and rebellious was known from the beginning lol.

    so yeah many aa's take drugs, focus on their dicks, screw up jobs, do everything short of imploding out of pure spite, but they don't drink only for today if that is what they want...

    just addindg this because i'm sure there must be people who think aa has "rules"... rules in aa is a joke which is one reason i love it... total anarchy!! :p
  12. i dont agree with everything you^ said because it does help a lot of people, but only the ones who take it seriously and believe in god. me and my girlfriend went for about a year and didnt find it helpful but i know many people there did. i found it pretty hilarious and enjoyed going but i was never disrespectful and made a lot of interesting friends.
  13. sorry to post on this sooo late but I have to put a word on this

    after searching the rat race strain I stumbled upon this thread and was like woooowhhhh

    Well I've been on probation since the first of this year , Getting caught with my wizzy after my 5th month i've not been able to toke for a little min. , you do the math it might make me cry. lol .. I try not to think about that and think more along the lines of when my felony is dropped and i'm able to be a free man and pick my passport up and hual asssss

    but I would as my highschool years I did'nt smoke because I wanted to get a steady job and move my way up the chain in a bussiness manner with out it on a daily basis, I am the person that wake in bake and head out,lunch yea,3ish yea , dinner yeeeeeaaa ... and of course a bedtime snack.

    As in probation all this year i've had to goto 3 AA meetings a WEEK and its made me crazy I keep shut and listin to these stupid ass people talk there love for the bottle. And not one i've talked to on a personal level smoked marijana! its crazy If they made weed legal in the states there would and never be a MA mary jane anonymous or w.e ... I got caught with over 20grams which gave me a felony , what can I say I love this shit its the best self medicating ever , I'm over 60% cherokee indian or native american indian not a turban packing , airplane flying terrorist! lol ... I got clay pipes that are over 100 years old i use to smoke out on special times and stuff like that my grandmal died at 78 smoking weed everydAy even when she died on oxygen she was still tokin that probly the only reasson she lived so long!

    I dropped out of school at 17 got me g.e.d making $700 usd a week and smokin that good.I am my own person my parents have never been here for me besides food and a roof . i'm 20 and owned 19 cars,trucks and 2 motorcycles and have gave lawyer,state,etc over $5gs in legal fees due to this magical smoke the is better than any pill you can take for add,dipresion,fiber mialgya , chromes , etc

    after jugling anti dipresnt medication for the last 6 months i've winged myself off! thank god !
    prozac,floxotine,zoloft,etc .. they won't give me benzo's like zannys right now due to my probation.

    I hate the u.s now.. Getting caught with some b.s raggie miller has caught me in this shit , made me a alcholic . losing my girlfrined of 2 years because I can't controll myself. my medicine has been takin away and livinig life it harder than it has ever been but i'm doing so-so .. day by day , counting down the days

    Keno , please goto your locAL aa meetings and speak your mind about this medicine , marijuana is not a DRUG !

    Much love
  14. As AA says anything that alters your mind or mood is a drug , and drugs are against the AA program. If you discuss this youll probably be asked to leave the meeting. They dont condone using other drugs to stop addictions from alcohol. Thats like someone using xanax to get off oxycontin, then going to NA and saying there clean when there dosing xanax.

    just my two cents. If it works for you thats great your life not mine but dont bring it up in AA
  15. AA is bullshit

    you're forced by LAW to attend after being caught or what have ya and the seperation of church 'n state is shit all over when these fucking losers say step whatever is GIVING IT UP TO A HIGHER POWER

    it's a religous crock of shit that the governemnt imposes on people so come next visit you should clearly define your stance on not accepting the easter bunny in the sky having complete power over you

    take it a step further if you want 'n snap on the system for trying to legalize religion

    cite 'in god we trust' on coinage 'n cash we all must spend to live if need be
  16. Hi my name is Thomas and Im and dope smoking drunk. That is how i introduce myself. The only requirment for AA membership is the desire to stop drinking (tradition 3). Therefore there are no rules stating you cant be there. It is very important to be honest about what you are doing at your homegroup. DONT HIDE IT!!! Besides catching alot of shit for being a marijuana smoker in AA I have made alot of friends, no longer drink and am very happy. Be prepared for the occasional group conscience when they ask you to leave. Rarely see it though. good luck
  17. Thats not AA that forces you. Its the government. We dont want anyone there that doesnt want to be there but sadly the government found a loop hole.
  18. Holy necroposting batman!
  19. sorry to be the nay-sayer but i do not think any research has been done about using psychedelics as a medicine. and i am sorry to say it but acid can fuck you up in one trip, i am not saying it is common but it happens. if you have ever seen a person who used a lot of acid or shrooms you would know that it can un-lodge things from your consciousness which can make people insane or at the very least leave them "eccentric".
  20. Wrong.

    Check out MAPS.

    There is TONS of fantastic research going on right now! Get involved!

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