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ADHD/ADD + Marijuana Studies?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by afatflatcat, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering if anybody can give me a link to a study or something that shows marijuana having a positive effect on ADD/ADHD people. I have ADD and I know since I've started smoking I can focus better, but I would still like some hard facts to support my theory.

    Also, I remember I saw a guy with something in his signature about a study that marijuana aided in a faster recovery after head trauma. As I have suffered a very severe concussion recently, Id like to find this again.
  2. personally, i don't have the hard facts, but i've known at least 50 people with add/adhd who smoked/smoke weed. what i've found through just kickin it with them when they're sober and when they're baked is that weed does have a positive effect on them. in most cases, they focus better and calm down immensely. however, i have seen some bad effects as well. when people with especially adhd but add as well start smoking, they can have withdrawals in the form of constant loss of attention, an ease to feel strong emotions on the drop of a dime, and a physical withdrawal in the form of shaking.

    from all that i've witnessed, i think it just comes down to the person and the bud as to whether or not it will work with adhd or add or frankly any mental condition. once again, i hold no hard facts one way or another, these are just my observations.
  3. Personally, I've never started shaking afterwards, but I have had the complete loss of attention before. It happens every now and then when I smoke way too much. The trick is just doing enough to be comfortable, instead of being catapulted through the stratosphere at in-fucking-sane speeds.
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    If ever you need ANYTHING about medical usage, click that first link in my sig! :hello: 99% of the time, it's in there! ;)

    I don't have the dude's sig, but I have a mess of studies and articles on "Brain trauma", here's one of them.

    Cannabinoids As Neuroprotective Agents in Traumatic Brain Injury. (abst - 2004)
    Bentham Science Publishers

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:
  5. PERFECT! I could not have asked for a better answer. Consider this case closed.
  6. Thank you!!!! Stone Crow you just helped me write the best essay ever. Those links will help me more than you know. And thanks afatflatcat!
  7. Here's some anecdotal evidence:

    I have severe ADD (no hyperactivity); When I use MJ (especially a strain that favors Sativa); it's like my brain is a highway that's full of traffic and is all of a sudden completely clear! I have a pretty demanding job and I'm MUCH more productive when I'm medicated!

    My wife, who has EXTREMELT SEVERE ADHD (with LOTS of hyperactivity) gets exceptionally clear-headed and calm. She HAS to because she stays home and takes care of our FIVE kids (including 22 month old triplets)!
    Both of us have kicked poisonous script meds for the more natural approach!
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    I have never had the shaking either. And dammit they need to change the name. :mad: It is not Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. (Never had the hyper part either--but maybe in my head.)

    If anything it is Attention to Everything (and not a disorder).

    A gatherer (non-AD/HD) walks down a city street, stops in front of a big box with 50 TVs on 50 different channels. After a bit the typical gatherer
    (non-AD/HD) will zoom in on one particular channel. The hunter (AD/HD) --on the other hand--sees them all, and comprehends them all, or maybe half or even less, but a hell of a lot more than just one. Thom Hartman got it right in a book a long time ago. He explains it in this short clip: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPgDFqihSzM"]Thom Hartmann: ADHD - Not a Disorder - Hunter in a Farmer's World - YouTube[/ame]

    It's like when I go out to eat with my wife. I am listening to her explain something, and often I will interject something like, "Wow did you just hear what that guy in the blue shirt behind me said to his date--what an asshole."

    And when I backpack in the Wilderness, I am paying attention to the Wilderness. I am not solely focused on the trail, which makes it much safer for sure, and to me, enjoyable.

    Rant over.


    PS--Being a hunter is why I had to end my college teaching career after 12 years (though I think there are many brilliant hunter professors/teachers out there). Just too much input for me to handle in the environment I was in.

  9. And wanted to add that Adderall is the worst "medicine" that I've ever put in my body.
  10. Its my fifth day off of an Adderall prescription today actually. I'm glad I don't take that shit anymore. :cool:
  11. Congrats and the best of luck. Adderall--the further I got from it, the more clearly I could see how bad it was for me. An Adderall crash is the worst thing in the world (due to not eating/timing the pill every 3 hours etc.) I'm so happy not to be on that anymore. Best of luck.
  12. For my ADHD I've noticed that weed makes it worse.

    At first I'm able to focus on thing, for example reading a textbook:

    I sit down with the textbook and read. Usually without any medication I'll start thinking about random things(i.e. noises in the background, how flabby/tense my muscles feel that day, etc.), but with weed I read each every word, but get so distracted by the new thoughts that come up from each word and forget what I'm reading.

    On adderall:

    My focus is sooooo much better. There's a reason this drug is consistently being prescribed beyond all those conspiracies: because it actually works.

    Obviously there are some shitty side effects and of course it's not for everybody. To stop this pro-adderall tangent I'm making, I'll sum it up and say Weed doesn't help my ADD. my 2 cents :D
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    Adderall is a drug from hell. Please stop taking it I say this in the best of interests. Sure your focus is a lot better, but for all of the wrong reasons. It works exceptionally when you have to read or are in school, but you feel so empty when you're not doing anything.

    Edit: This is coming from somebody who took the drug for more than 5 years straight. Invest in a Vaporizer and only vape small amounts at a time whenever you need to. If you actually use marijuana like a medicine and not to just get "fucked up" you realize it is god's true gift to the human race.
  14. HI, no really, HI,

    This is my first post.

    1. Thank you for posting that Video! in 8 minutes, my world has been changed.!

    2. because of 1. I now have another reason to do exactly what you did in your PS. I have been on the edge of leaving my career after 19 years as I am not one to see the trees, but the forrest- I just recently began to accept it as a talent, and I am smashingly good at it. It is nice to finally "meet" someone with a similar conundrum!

  15. Take some meth, it will make you focus to, you know, as medicine for your super real disease.

    Whats the difference between that nasty drug meth and your good ol "medicine"? Well lets see, methamphetamine is amphetamine with a extra methyl group added to it, which just acts as a transportation system for amphetamine.

    So, the only difference between pure crystal meth, and pure amphetamine, is that one kicks in much faster. Other then that, it does the same exact thing to your body.

    Adderall is amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. And your taking it for what reason? O ya, to focus on things that aren't interesting to you.

    Using adderall to increase your attention span is like someone smoking pot to cure boredom. Its just ridiculous. Claiming a poor attention span is a disease is as ridicolous as claiming persistent boredom is a disease.

    What im just trying to say is, theres no real medical use of amphetamines. Even though quacks and pharma companies will argue otherwise, because there either greedy, stupid, or have been indoctrinated to believe the false notion that amphetamine do have medical value.
  16. I wanted to "like" this post twice!

    YES! Buy a vape and experiment with different strains and temps. It WORKS!

    Best of luck to you! Peace.
  17. my parents told me i had ADHD when i was little a kid, they had me on ALL sorts of different pills... first it was ritalin then concerta, vyvanse, adderall.. im forgetting some others...I HATED THEM ALL SO FUCKING MUCH. I just felt like a stimulated angry meth head with the appetite of a earth worm, never felt like killing myself so badly back then...

    fucking pharma garbage ass pills, and I've been on anti psychotics, anti depressants ... let me say that they are all complete and utter shit/poison.. All i take are supplements now, no side effects and they work better than those pills ever did.

    And I also believe ADHD is not a "disorder".. And im in NO WAY hyper at all... My concentration is fine.. it's just whether im interested in the subject or not...

    No way in fuck im going to pay attention while in a math class, but if it was a class on video games, paintball, weed or pussy i would be a straight A student :D

    I think pharmas like to make up all these disorders and shove pills down peoples mouths that don't even need them. Fucking fat greedy bastards.

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