Addition to my Old Bong

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  1. Since the old slide, or bowl...whatever got broken. I was offered a trip to the Hot Box with my buddy who was nice enough to frickin pay for it and just ask for money whenever I get it.

    So I asked the guy if they sold them by themselves. Never realized how spendy one is by itself.

    Then I saw one that caught my eye for 16 bucks. Gave 2 dollars in tip to the guy in his can labeled karma. I figured last time I had no money to tip and maybe it won't break for a long time if I tip. Maybe even become one of my favorite things to smoke out of...

    Anywho here it is
  2. Good deal man!
  3. pretty slick man
  4. I love the hot box one of the most entertaining places to go high...all these funny weed toys and hats and shit. As well as some of the most awesome looking pieces.

    Also I plan to make the rest of the bong similar now that the logo is rubbing off.

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