Adding tobacco to bud

Discussion in 'General' started by jstwannasmoke, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if it is just in my area, of it is all over the place, that people always add tobacco to their green. Is there anyone who doesnt smoke their weed mixed with tobacco on a regular basis?
  2. Fuck no! Never heard of doing that.
  3. as in wat? never herd of not mixing them or never heard of mixing them lol

  4. LOL. for soeone with so much emotion you sure are wrong.

    people add tobaco to their weed all the time as a filler
  5. In Amsterdam, most people smoke spliffs. But no one will mix a bowl with tobacco, that's just silly.
  6. I'm not speaking for everyone. I'VE never heard of that.
  7. hmm.. well cuz all the people in my area even the ones with high tolerance that have been smoking for years always add at least a lil tobacco as they think the weed itself is to strong. when someone smokes a joint with straight green they walk around wit their head up like 'maaan i just smoked a straight green joint by myself' n everyones like :O striaght green!
  8. Sounds like your town has a crippling Tobacco addiction.
  9. I'd never seen it in Vancouver, but I tried it a couple of times with the pre-rolled in Amsterdam. The head rush from the tobacco was even better than chew, lol. The tobacco really ruins the taste of the chron tho. :/
  10. Yeah i spin my weed with tobacco now and then, usually when im goin to roll a J.

    I mix it now and then with my bongs but yeah dont rly like it...
  11. ok well heres my situation for tonight, i have only a bout half a tenner n a lil pipe shud i mix it with tobacco to get more out of my bud or not? if i smoke it without tobacco will i get higher?
  12. i roll spliffs every once in a while
    conserves a little bit of weed

    i thought spliffs were somewhat common
    but after reading these responses i guess not :confused:

  13. roll a spliff!
  14. lol naa i can only use pipe :( :( :(
  15. If you are 18, I will be surprised.

    If you can only use a pipe, then smoke pure greens.
  16. im 19 n ye ight il try straight ggreen 4 2nyt

  17. sobe rips!
  18. [ame=]YouTube - How to make a sobe waterfall bong[/ame]
  19. Ain't nothing wrong with mixing cig with ganj..

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