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Adding to a grow after planting

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by parnellgrower, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Hey GC
    I'm doing an organic grow in quality organic potting soil and am adding rabbit manure to my mix for an extra N boost. I'm doing a greenhouse grow and am planning on vegeing for a few months til the sun does the 12/12 photoperiod for me. I'm down under in Aussie so I'll be starting real soon. I'm wondering how to apply the rabbit manure after a few weeks so my babies don't run out of N? Do I just put the manure on top of the soil an then the N will soak through?
    cheers and toke on :smoking:
  2. I use rabbit manure in two ways; one is as a soil ammendment mixed one cup for a five gallon container. The other is as a tea diluted one cup per gallon of water and applied once weekly on a normal watering cycle. To make the tea I use a hefty two cups in three to five gallons of water and left to sit lightly covered.

    Rabbit manure is wonderful product usually having a very high biolgical component in the pellet and of course all of the wonderful properties of alfalfa. I think you will be surprised that the manure will seemingly never completely dissolve or otherwise break down in the bucket of water even after many weeks of steeping and stirring.

    You've got the best animal based plant nutrient on the planet. Do be careful and not overuse this supplement to avoid any potential overload of nitrogen.

    Good fortunes to you parnellgrower.

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