Adding terpenes to your waterings

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Joey.K, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. I've been interested lately about adding terpenes (like bud candy or other terpene enchaters) that would help with the entourage effect, and in a way, increase the terpenes that you are looking for in a specific plant. I was thinking for example, if you have a blue mystic strain, and you add 1-2 drops of cannabis derrived terpenes of blue dream for example, it would help induce those flavors coming out.
    Ps. Dont diss on me for using an as an example, that's all it is there for.
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  2. i really cant see you been able to add a couple drops or a bottle of terpenes in to your medium and change a plants whole terpene profile to a chosen strain i use terpenez and have used it for years but the one i use doesnt change for example a og kush flavour to a blueberry flavour..
  3. I saw some info online about people adding food grade blueberry concentrate, and it brought out a blueberry scent in the plant. I was just considering the possibility of the entourage effect with feeding a plant cannabis derrived terpenes. I'm going to give this a try soon and report back on the topic/ what I've learned.
  4. im never one to think inside the box so will be following this closely but i truly believe that adding this to your watering schedule isnt going to give you the desired good luck either way :)
  5. I could be wrong, but perhaps you're looking for something like the products shown below? I never used them nor plan on using them. I usually just let the plants do their own thing without adding any flavor or smell "enhancers" of any kind. But I guess Botanicare offers these products. I don't know if they actually work or not, but it sounded like something you were looking for? If not, then disregard my post lol.
    sweet.JPG sweet-2.JPG
  6. Initially I was just thinking "how would I encourage this terpene from this genetic to Express itself" and you know what, I think those products that you listed are an actual "solution" to my question. I'm not 100% sure yet on those products, but from the reviews I've seen, mainly blackstrap molasses and epsom salts are what help bring out the terpenes. But it seems that with certain ingredients in the Botanicare line help bring out those Terps.
    Ps. Thanks for those products, I've tried googling on increasing terpenes but I've only seen growing techniques such as temps, genetics, etc.

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