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Adding Tea When Rolling Spliffs/joints?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CupcakeGoddess, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I have been smoking for years but a new friend recently introduced me to the concept of adding a little bit of tea when rolling a joint or a spliff. I have to admit, I did like the "twist" on the flavor. 
    It got me thinking though: Does anyone else do this regularly? And if so, are certain flavors of tea better than others? I'd be interested to hear any and all opinions/suggestions.

  2. I personally don't but I've heard green tea leaves is the best. And make sure your friend isn't taking the tea out of tea packets and putting it in a joint.
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    Haha tea packets... na I've never tried tea on a blunt but I can say Green Banana leaves are awesome!! Very hard to roll too
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    Oh, don't worry. He's very organic about that kind of thing. I actually think he has his own little tea garden where he grows the stuff.
    Oh my! Have you really rolled up with one of those before? They're huge!!  :)
  5. Yeah I have some loose leaf green tea that I roll with when I have to roll up and don't want to use a lot of green, but still want to roll a full joint. It hasn't fucked my lungs up yet hahahah.
  6. Been curious bout smoking tea leaves in my bong recently. But I don't smoke joints, so I wouldn't imagine smoking one with tea in it if I did roll the very rare joint/blunt.
  7. never used tea in my bong before, but i don't really see the point. unless you're doin it for the flavor of tea I wouldn't try it, but if you're doing it to make a bowl last longer just pack a smaller bowl

    also apparently some hookah tobacco is cut with tea leaves to make more of the smoke just inert i guess so if you just want to play with the smoke or smoke as of habit then adding some tea would work i guess
  8. Sounds nasty to me. Some alternative mix to tobacco I guess? Either way the only thing I ever wanna smoke is cannabis.
     I would like to try it because it's supposedly slightly relaxing, pleasant taste, and I just like the act of smoking things, but don't always have enough weed to smoke. I wouldn't use it to make bowls last longer, because stuff like that I know doesn't make sense and doesn't help conserve, like our European tokers who cut their weed with baccy to make it last longer and to get more out of their weed and waste less, um no :p
  10. get caffinated

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  11. if you do the grass buzz waaayyyy overpowers the caffiene buzz so i don't really know lol. a redneck friend of mine dips tea leaves and he gets a buzz from that so maybe
  12.  why can't you take tea out of a tea bag? isn't it the same as reg tea?
  13. It's processed for your convenience.
  14.  I don't understand but I don't no my tea well.  What do mean processed?
  15. Tea bags use less leaf than loose leaf tea, because a lot of the tea in a tea bag is ground finer (almost as fine as flour sometimes) so if you smoke that you could inhale the ash dust or something. Not really sure why though. But two kids where I live smoked tea out of a tea bag (just tea) in a bowl and one of them was knocked out after his first hit, and I mean like unconcious, like for real. So I wouldn't ever do it from a bag
  16. wow dude thanks for that link 
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    Generally, when something exists in one form, and an industry makes this form more convenient, one should question potential health risks or unknowns dealing with how they made something more convenient.
    Doesn't always mean it's worse, but it's worth looking into. 
    And no problem, the doctor likes to teach and help.

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