adding tch to vapor cigarettes

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  1. anyone here ever tried to add thc resin to the liquid used in the electronic cigarettes?
    I can imagine it being possible, just not sure the process to get it liquefied to be able to add it to the liquid........ Any ideas!?

    Damn what an experience that would be, smoke and be merry anywhere, any time, im gonna have to figure this out and patent this......
  2. How about some hash oil?
  3. what is hash oil?
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    Well hash is just a refined version of the bud and hash oil is the liquid form of hash.
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    Bad kitty smiles, has a tutorial on doing this somewhere. E-cig juice is a glyceriin based tincture, you can make your own juice infused with hash but it takes a while to get the flavoring and the hash to properly bind with the glycerin like a month or more I believe.
  6. doesnt alcohol actually liquify the thc crystals? if that is true, could you put an amount in a dish and add thc resin in larger amount and let it stand, let the alcohol dissipate, then you would be left with workable liquid blend that could be introduced into the liquid?
    The e-cig liquid will actually eat varnish off of a table, i found out the hard way, i just wonder if would not be strong enough to blend between the 2 liquids.
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    Yes thc binds with alcohol over time along with fatty alkoloids like peanut butter etc. but like pufferz said about it having to bind with glycerin sounds kinda complicated and id be worried about the combustion tempeture of our hypothetical liquid vs the temp of the ecig

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