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  1. So I remember when my seedling was stretching a bit I could plant it deeper and it would be fine. Can I add soil to my baby that is on 12/12 and has 11 budsites. Im trying to help her roots during this stretch.

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  2. If you have room I don’t see how it could hurt.
  3. Most of lower branches i lollipopped. I didnt know know if pitting green stem that ia used to light under ground a couple inches
  4. You can do both. I regularly add soil to my pots as feeding.
  5. Nah it won’t be an issue. Her leaves are the real solar panels.
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  6. It definetly settles after a couple feedings
  7. Yes and I’m organic so the plants get their natural food this way.
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  8. won't hurt at all. add the soil if there is room in the pot. the plant will like the fresh nutrients in the new soil :)
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