adding nutes for the first time....

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  1. i bought foxfarm grow big was little stoned and missread the label for teasboons and used a small table spoon but only two tablespoons and it asks for 2-3 teaspons per gallon. anyways i was wondering if too much nute is just as bad for your plant as no nute? not that i think i added too much to the gallon but like using it more than everyother day i usually water 2-3 times a day and alternate normal water and nute water, should i alternate daily or the way i am? and this may be irrelevent but brown spots on end of leaves? nutes helped leaves turn a lil greener already but the blotches are still growing.... any help would be gret! thanks guys!
  2. To much nutes is way worse then no nutes..

    Why do you water 2-3 times a day. You should be watering like less then that a week. You will either kill your plant with that many nutes or water them to death.
  3. i dont have them in that deep of soil i check on them often and whenever i notice that that its getting a little dry ill water, ill water less, thanks for the help mayne.
  4. A plant is evolved to survive a drought. No plant really other then ocean ones can survive over watering. Theres not place on earth that is constantly raining even the rainforest.

    You can use two methods for watering. If its dry 2-3 inches I go three inches then you water. Second method is the pick up one. When its throughly watered its heavy, when its dry its light.

    You can get root rot, fungus, insect attraction from over watering. Insects love moist soil to lay there egg in. I just got done with a gnat problem. The problem was a little to moist.

    Your best bet is to let it dry pretty good before watering. Your plants will thank you.
  5. To give you a idea at least for me. My plants were planted March 31st. I watered them tonight. Its only there 6th maybe 7th watering.
  6. lol i have gnats i tried spraying at them to kill em, thank you for the help im not gunna water untill tomorrow night. this is my first time ever growing im trying to get more bag seed to practice with but idk anyone whos stash has got it, any ways ive been trying multiple methods on two plants so i cant really tell whats working or not. im slowly figuring out this is kinda trial and error and picking up knowledge along the way.

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