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adding more light to my grow space

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by maverick45710, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I have a 4 1/2' x 4 1/2' x 7' grow space with a 400watt HPS and a 600watt HPS. I was thinking of replacing the 400watt HPS with another 600watt HPS that a friend gave to me. Will this be too much light or is there such a thing as overkill when it comes to the amount of light you have? I use 9-3gal pots of soil and have avg about 1lb of dry smoke each cycle. (about 100 days per cycle) I just use FoxFarms Tiger Bloom for nutes and filtered water. Heat is already an issue but is manageable. Thanx in advance for any feedback.
  2. There's no such thing as too much light - only too much heat, which, via proper circulation and exhaust can usually be overcome.

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    yes there is such a thing as overkill, however 2x 600w although is more than ample amount of light for that area is not really overkill. mind you, you could easily get 1lb with just a 600w in that area
  4. ya i was also wondering if 1lb for 1000watts of light was somewhat low? i have been using this setup for about 2 yrs and this has been my average. i considered CO2 but decided against it. i am trying to keep it simple as possible. one problem is that i only have 7' of vertical space and when you figure the space for the bucket and distance between the light and plants, i dont have alot of space for my plants to grow.
  5. i guess what i need to know is, will the extra light improve my harvest. my 600watt HPS is alot hotter than the 400watt too.
  6. Do it, but put a mh bulb in one or the 600w then run mixed spectrum. Lessens stretch and tightens buds. And goin the way is far cheaper then 2 dual arc bulbs.
  7. They say its no such thing as too much light, as long as you can manage the temps. Dude your pullin 1lb kool. If you could use all 3 lights imagine what you could pull. How long do you veg? How tall you grow your plant to?
  8. I usually veg for about 30 days after the plants are in dirt. and then 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time. (approx. 100 days total) i have been using fem seeds up to this point because i dont have a clone space. i am limited to just the one grow area. i dream of one day having a much larger space with seperate areas for veg and a cloning table.
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    I say it's "overkill" because adding that extra 200w and providing everything else stays the same you wouldn't get as much extra bud compared to if you ran an extra 200w lamp in a separate box. if I'm correct, (and obviously I believe I am otherwise I wouldn't be saying it) you have sufficient light for your space.

    this point (in my opinion) also applies to your current set up, although to a lesser degree.. I believe if you ran your 600w in your 4.5x4.5' space and your 400w separately you would get more bud. I consider this light overkill. however, if your able to add more light but cannot add more space then the comparison is moot. or to paraphrase, you can add more light but unless you have all the rest of the elements in place your not going to see big differences
  10. the space i have now is all i got to work with. i dont even have a small space for clones and seedlings. I daydream of more space! i understand what you are saying jetski and the 600watt is alot hotter than the 400watt too. One of the reasons I considered this in the first place was the uneven light in my area and I was hoping my buds would be heavier or more dense than before. Both of my 600s have super bulbs that are 100k lumens each that would make my area having 9800 lumens psf. btw the bulbs claim to be color corrected (with blue added) so would a MH bulb make any difference?
  11. adding more yield is all about correcting the most restrictive point. it's certainly not your light amount. have you thought of going hydro? get it right and you will far outdo soil grows given everything else is equal. flood and drain or aeroponics are fantastic for getting extra oxygen to the roots, this will add lots more yield. once you have mastered that you could add co2, another yield booster such as long as you have everything else spot on
  12. if you're barely dealing with heat at the current amount of light, it follows that improving heat management before increasing wattage is most logical. light is very likely not your limiting factor at this point so the gains may be somewhat slim as it is. many details come into play.
  13. I agree with these guys. Im trying to go balls out this time. Instead of using my 400 watts im about to use 1600 watts 1 1000 watt hps/halide switchable and 1 600 watt hps/halide switchable in a approx. 5x7 area using a dwc system that I built. B4 I start I have to get the conditions right.
  14. Its all about what ur plants like. Change it up, wach ur babys closely and hope for no stress( more light , pry no stress) but gotta adjust that venting bro. I'm no pro but that's just a guiven. I've only grown 3 crops so far. Total of 9 babys. 6 were clones. I cut the botom of of 3 culligan bottles cut 4 sets of 4 holes to mach light fixtures. ( 4 sets of 3 up and down sides staggered.) Also have 4 stop valvs in mid section of the bottle. Those are for my 4 co2 hoses goin to my 4 2 liters. Lol. It traps the co2 great in there. The whole setup just gets plased on top. I do short forse flower grows. Works great. 2 foot plant ( arora indica from nirvana)4 3/4s ozs per plant. 1200w cfl in a culligan bottle. Took bong rip and light went on. So I built 3 of em. Lol:smoking:

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