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adding fruit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Troubadour, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. k i got a question. has anyone here tried grating up fruit and drieing it in microwave and mixing it with weed? if so is it yummy? cause i tried a couple weeks ago with just dried orange and some rosemary cause i dont have any weed lol. it was pretty good
  2. That's cool?
  3. No. I haven't and I don't plan on it. I like to taste my cannabis.
  4. So you dont have weed so you think hey im gona smoke some fruit??

    no i havent tried this and never will
  5. When I get weed that is too strong in flavor and not enough aroma/fruitiness/sweetness to it but just stark staring strong ganj flavor, I use a blade to slice bits of orange peel and chop it up fine and smoke my weed with just a little bit of it.

    Adds a mild orangy aroma to an otherwise not so good tasting hit (to me, i like sweetness or fruitiness mixed with the ganj taste, i dont like a strong plain unsweet unfruity ganj taste)
  6. isnt smoking sugar bad for you..?

    if you want flavor you can put the weed with fruit and let it sit, add drops, or add herbs.
  7. smoking sucrose is. Smoking small quantities of natural sugar by just adding a touch of a fruit or its peel hardly counts, a cigarette is far worse.
  8. screw addin fruit ..... whole point is so u can taste the buds while smokin it u dont need no flavor..... bud is a flavor on its own
  9. Adding fruit is a bad idea.
    There's this guy I know, and he grows, he gave his plant orangejuice.
    When we smoked that shit I must say i didn't taste the oranges, but the weed was sweet! Alot sweeter then the other plants, which where thesame kind.
  10. Sounds mad. I think I'll steer clear of that shit but if anyone can honestly say it's good then by all means let us know about it. Besides, can't go wrong with flavoured papers/tobacco :smoke:
  11. I think a better idea would be to play with a water replacement in your bong. There was a thread here recently about that, using sprite and orange soda and shit like that. Adds a bit of something different but doesn't fuck with your weed. The only thing I've ever put in weed was hash, myself.
  12. #12 WhatsInAName?, Feb 13, 2009
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    The name of this subforum goes pretty well with the topic xD

    I think I'm gonna try storing some bud with a fresh orange slice for a couple hours.

    The flavor always bled over in my lunch... :shrug: haha
    Then again... I never smoked my lunch
  13. Just use a fresh orange peel. A slice will have too much moisture.
  14. good one :)

  15. This is true... I think a clementine would be even better too!

    I suppose any kind if fruit is feasable.

    A little bit of apple.. Thin slice of a nanner... Raspberrys, blue berrys.. I guess all you need is some bud you don't mind experimenting with, and some Tupperware, yeah? Think it'd be better to refrigerate?
  16. the possibilities are endless!

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