Adding color to ur MJ plants?!!

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  1. heard from a friend that if u add food coloring to your watering of ur plants that they get that color in them.?
    Just wondering cuz nobody needs to get ripped off!!

  2. Totally absurd. Don't believe everything you hear. If that theory was true, then without food coloring in the water, the plants would be clear gelatin. lol

    People who haven't grown have all kinds of cooked up theories on it. My advice: find out for yourself :)
  3. hahaha
    if you believe that you'll believe i fed this one blackcurrant juice :hello:[​IMG]

  4. Lolz. Ok. I didn't say that I was gonna do it. Just wanted to know from other ppls experiences.
    Also now other ppl can read this and not feel scare to even ask...I have zero shame, a question is a question ., I'd rather know than not! Thanx guys and ur welcome everyone (like myself) that didn't know
  5. I believed the story that flamingoes are pink because they eat shrimps.

    Until it was pointed out that shrimps only go pink when they are cooked.
  6. Uh... that is true.

    You should probably go back to believing it lol.
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  7. Damn, I didn't know that flamingoes used stoves
  8. lol :hello:
  9. I was giving tons of red food coloring to one of my plants once to see if the fan leaves would turn red, because I thought that would look goofy. I was't doing it in hopes of ripping somone off selling it someday, since I smoke all I grow. All it really did was turn the dirt red :D It was cheap enough to try though, so knock yourself out if you want, couldn't hurt at any rate.
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    that link only gave had one solid post, the rest was just an arguement that was never resolved and a little of rumpleforeskin's sarcasm. A funny read, but not a very conclusive thread.

    the one good post:

    this guy hits the nail on the head. if you want to change the color of you're plants, you have to lower those temps, and deprive you're plant of nitrogen, to halt chlorophyll production. the chlorophyll degrades, showing the plant's natural array of colors other than green.

    I grew this:
    no silly dyes needed.
  11. temp drop is very important as I have had Kali Mist turn all kinds of cool colors after doing that and giving it 48 hours dark before we chopped it.
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    The food coloring story is BS...
    Cooler temps and low nitrogen near the finish, completely true... but not all plants will turn impressive would be nice if they did, but it only works on certain strains, not all strains.....
    On another note though.... Take a can of frozen concentrated fruit juice, mix it with three gallons of water. Water your plants with it the last week, twice each. Then let me know what you think after a short cure....... I like pineapple juice myself........
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    Color as far as I know can't be added, only taken away. Different color present in plants late in season, are due to genetics and climate. What you are seeing is actually depletion/degredation of the chlorophyl outer layer to the point the other pigments are visible, but always present. Anthocyanin is the reason for purple hues, becomes more visible when chlorophyl is used up and/or not replaced.

    The only time I have effected the color of plants during veg outdoors is overfertilizing with high N blood meal, turned them dark dark green not suggested. Roots systems have selectively permeable membranes that would not allow food coloring to enter, probably not the best thing for them either.

    Now that I have cleared my conscience and tried to offer my two cents, let me ask the OP a few questions
    -What color did you intend on coloring the plants?
    -Where the f do you live where a plant other than green would be easier to hide outdoors?
  14. Do you know that gullible isn´t in the dictionary?
  15. i heard from some grow experts that is you slice the main stem a day or two before harvest you will get gold weed that sorta looks like Acapulco gold

  16. You can make your plant turn colors via food coloring heres what you have to do.

    1.Cut the plant at the base
    2.Put it in a bucket that has your choice of food coloring( diluted with water)
    3.Wait 24 hours
    4.Enjoy colorfull bud

    Original plant






    This was grown by
    fdd2blk a well known grower over at rollitup

    The color of my dreams - Marijuana Growing


    Edit- to everyone saying it wont work plz learn to search the web before you spat bullshit

  17. the idea wasin the growing stage not harvest cure..and yes I have read the thread ..and yes I suppose capillary action is a possible way to do things..but you know at harvest I have too much to do rather then sit around babysitting a jar of buds in some dyed water.

    look if a diffrent colord bud floats your boat and you think Mr. Wizard should be Prez...then by all means color away .. just don't mind me while I am more concerned with yield, and potency..and not the common market value of "fixed" weed

    and also if you had searched "here' you would of found that I refrenced fade to black in a diffrent thread.. and that I have already posted a link to that other GC discussion here in this thread.

    so I suggest you check yourself son.
  18. Really true, and some plus rep if I could if I could wharfrat. I have grown purple, red, yellowish gold, even some that turned kind of pink. Never used food coloring or anything else to produce these colors, just well selected strains from very good breeders that are selective in what they breed.

    The method used in Columbian Gold was cutting the base of the stalk and allowing it to set in the sun, the Columbian Reds were done buy curing in piles and turning th epiles every so often to create a more reddish color. Acapulco Gold was dried on the stalk, they would uproot the plants and hang them for a few days in the sun to allow them to turn a yellowish gold.

    there are many techniques which can change the hue, temp, curing, and I guess adding artificial colors. May I ask what it does? I'm into to breeding and producing the very best quality and potent flowers I can, so trying to give something bag appeal, to me, is just a waste of time b/c if the flowers are truly well grown and of good quality, smoking them would speak for themselves, much more so than the color of the flowers.


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