adding CO2 to indoor setup

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  1. Looking to add CO2 to my room and looking for advice on burner set up via propane tank. Lugging up tanks every week doesn't excite me. Thanks. Grow On!
  2. Congratulations you're stepping up to CO2. Ain't nothing quite like it when everything else is dialed spot on.
    "Upstairs" sounds ominous. Can you locate a 100lb tank downstairs and pipe the gas up to the burner? Or, depending on your physical space limitations, you can locate the whole contraption downstairs and duct the CO2 up to the room.
    Not really enough info to zoom in on your particular problem.
  3. Unless you have a very large grow space a 20 lb CO2 tank should last a few grows.
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    I've ran tanks when I was in a smaller area, but when moving into larger space I switched to a burner. Went with an 8 burner for a 10x15 room. Doesn't have to burn as long as a 4 burner. If heat is an issue, then I'd say go with tanks, but if it isn't, burner all the way. Bought 2 standard 15# tanks and both lasts me about 8-9 days. Propane is easily assessable and can be bought 24/7 thanks to the guy who made propane vending machines! Having a quality controller helps a lot too.

    Just remember grow shops, air/gas companies close around 5-7pm, grocery stores and home depot are always open late for those times you forgot to fill up your backup propane tank :) Good luck brother. If you have any more questions I'd be happy to assist!

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