Adding Co2 tank into closet setup

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jjng5, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am trying to plan out a way to add a 10 lb co2 tank into my 4' x 2' closet grow. I am using 3 bubbler units (hydroponics) and will be growing 17 plants. Because of the number of plants grown in a small space, I want to supplement co2 into their environment. The closet doesn't have great ventilation. The closet also is not air tight. However, I could use weather stripping around the edges, but probably won't because this is my only means for venting (with use of fans inside and outside the closet). I have been trying to research co2 for small setups, but haven't been able to find a lot of specific setup information.

    A few questions:

    (1) When using co2, do you need to vent your closet every so often or can you just release co2 every once in a while until the plants use it up? If you need to vent, approximately how much/often? (I have an 8 sq ft closet space, 64 cubic ft).

    (2) I will not be able to add duct work into my room, so could I setup fans on a timer to go on/off every so often? I would be able to have a large box fan blowing from outside the closet (doors closed) inward from the floor level for fresh air and also have one-two 6" fans on the top shelf blowing outward from the inside to push old air out. Does this sound okay?

    (3) Is using co2 dangerous in the house you live? None of the co2 air will vented outside, it will just be vented out of the closet and into my living space. I could use co2 on the lowest setting if that would enable me to use it safely. What do you think?

    (4) Does co2 significantly increase plant growth, plant cycles, and yeilds for SOG/ScrOG applications?

    Thanks everyone! :hello:
  2. 1 - i'm not real sure about

    2 - i'm really not sure what you're trying to describe but to me it doesn't sound like a setup condusive to taking advantage of co2.

    3 - it really could be dangerous. especially prolonged exposure like that. people will tell it's fine and to not worry about it, but co2 definitely is dangerous.

    4 - properly applied, yes co2 definitely helps out alot.

    on a side note, a 10 lb tank isn't gonna be enough i don't think. you'll probably need about 20 lbs. Unless you wanna be filling it up all the time.
  3. Anyone else with some more information on these questions?

    The 10 lb co2 tanks are smaller around and would fit easily next to my carbon scurbber without affecting my hydroponic arrangement. I believe a 10 lb for the size of my room and the lower setting I'd use it on, probably would last me a while.


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