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Adding Co2, add your 2 cents, experience, growing, or from reading. How do you increase your yields?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by gottagrowsometime, May 12, 2023.

  1. 20230511_183600.jpg 20230504_181448.jpg Hi guys. I'm fairly new to this site and to co2 growing, I do get some, here's what I got: When I looked up growing, this was one thing that came up when I searched "increased yields for homegrown" or something along those lines. Co2 was one of the things that popped up regularly. But, in all of that, it talked about understanding the basics of growing, "well that's what I got from it. Don't run before you can walk but I understand the 101s, (high temp must be maintained all the co2 won't work 29-31c, air circulation making sure layers on molecular level are co2 is exchanged on its levels so the Stomata can take in co2 (Again high co2 without constant good air blowing on canopy, through and air circulation) 1300-1500 ppfd needed to match the increased co2, I've 3 co2 lights. 2 300watts 1 1600-1350ppfd 2x2, 1 90x35 1000-1700ppfd and one 500, 1250-1550ppfd that covers 3x3, all them lights generally have a much larger coverage area. But the optimal ppfd falls into this, (backed up by lux tests, not just looking at chart given my light makers #meh) . So, 1yr 4 months, 4 crops 54 grows some in process now (14). So, after a while growing, and pulling some cracking grows with an average of 80-90g per plant 9 wk autos and 12 wk short fem grows, I've put in a few 20wks and pult 2,250g per plant. And I've also had a few stinkers 30-45s (autos of course). fems 80-90.

    So, as explained above, I've a good bit of know how in growing and the 101s of co2, any one with experience, may it be from growing, or something you read. Or hey, just wanna throw in your 2cents, whatever. All remarks are welcome. If you want shoot the shit, your HillBilly co2 kits or setups. How you increase yields, in/outdoors.

    Thanks guys for reading one of my 1st threads
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  2. The room has to be 100 percent sealed, and you have to have a way to vent the inside area every so ofter, and then be able to seal off the vent when its not getting venting the old air/CO2 ect. If you have even the smallest opening, your CO2 will be lost. It has to be air tight. But still allow for venting.
    Plus if its hot, you have to be able get rid of the heat, and not the CO2.
  3. its so easy to use C02 under leds but now the C02 at my place is just to expensive,
    so I grow another 5 plants and save some cash

    I don't know anyone who still uses this old technique, but its good to see the brave still do
  4. Useless when growing in a tent. Usually not needed and useless. Unless co2 is needed for plants health you're not going to see a difference between using and not. There's already over 400ppms of co2 in air you'd like around 1,200ppms but useless unless you're using enough light that it's needed.
  5. I get my co2 free from the atmosphere. No beer can girth buds yet, more like bananas so far. :confused_2:

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