Adding cannabis terpenes to e cig vape juice?

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  1. I have some extracted super lemon haze terpenes in a little bottle. I've been using it on my flower and combining it with oil, and it's fantastic. I feel like the high has a cool new spin with an awesome flavor. So now I'm wondering if I can add this into a cbd vape juice to get a better flavor from it when I vape?
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  2. maybe a new version of the famous funky Blunt! vape blunt terp juice
  3. Hopefully this helps,

    I make thc ecig cartridges with my pressed rosin. All I have to do is buy this 'mix' it's pretty much a terpentine solution. You mix 1 gram of concentrate to .5 gram terp solution, heat for a few seconds until bubble, then mix. Good to go. Works great.

    Google: the potion

    Now I'm not trying to sell you a product, I'm telling you the product I use I believe is similar enough to your product that will assure you mixing terps with concentrate will give you a good result if you want to make your own ecig juice.

    I purposely use this company because it doesn't use pg or veg glycerol or if it goes it's the smallest trace amount. Look it up it's a neat little product. And it works!

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