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  1. I moved from a 600 to a 1k in a 4x4 and the tempature jumped to 86 degrees.  Currently I have a 6" 400cfm fan.  The air gets pulled into the scrubber, goes through the hood, and then pulled out by the fan.
    Its only going to get worse as the weather changes so I think a fan specifically for the hood would fix this.
    How many cfms would I want when the additional fan is just going to be used to cool the hood?  How  much would this help with the temps?

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    For 1kw you might think about going to an 8" Vortex type and sticking it on a speed control.
    If you have to run your fan at full speed, you need a bigger fan.
    Also, treat your heat and stink as separate issues.
    I run a fan (on speed control) for each so I can "dial it in".
  3. I have been running at full speed, because I dont have a speed controller. A 400cfm fan seemed to be great for the tent, hood, Can66 when I was using the 600hps.
    I just upgraded to a blockbuster 6" hood when i switched to the 1k hps so I was hoping to stick with a 6" for it.
    You dont think it would be enough?   Another 400cfm 6" just for the hood and continue to use the 6" I have for scrubbing and exhausting the tent?
    I was under the impression it would be more than enough since this would be bringing in cooler  air  from outside the tent, directly through the hood and pulling it outside.  Plus this one wouldnt have to deal with the filter reducing any CFM.
  4. I use one 6" fan to cool 1200w of lighting, separate 6" fan for odor control. Exhausting outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. During peak summer my growroom temps are 5f above ambient with fans on full blast, canopy temps a few degrees more. Highest I've seen with this setup is 82f at canopy level, about 7f above ambient. Basement grow.
    You'd be better off with an 8" cooling your lights, but it can be done with a 6"

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