Adding 16x3w homemade LED panel

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by silicity, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Anyways i am debating on wether or not to add some LED's to a garden and was looking around and decided to make a LED panel with 16 3w(not 1wx3chip) of 660nm redx10, 450nm bluex6 with some 90degree lens on all 16. Anyways a question i have is:

    Should i use a different spectrum also (i will be using these both during veg/flowering) such as a white light? (i am also using a 1000w MH for veg and 1000w HPS for flowering)

    Also would a 30-54w LED driver good enough to power all 16 without an "overload" or not enough LED's supplied?

    input: 85-265vAC 50/60HZ
    output: DC36-75V

    Thanks :)
  2. You will need a hell of a lot of LED's to replace a 1kw HPS and 1kw MH,

    this has gotta be bull!

  3. I'm not looking to replace a MH/HPS light source but to use it as supplemental lighting.

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