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  1. Ok, So I took 30mg adderall at about 9pm on the 13th, I now have to go to jams on the 15th before 9am. I'm prolonging it as long as possible and drinking massive amounts of water since it is water solluble. I also worked out for 30min on an elliptical with multiple layers of clothing on to help sweat more (and indeed, i've never sweated so much in my life). Question is, does sweating help cleanse your body of it considering it is a combination of salts? I've taken this before and dropped clean with only the help of water, however I like to be safer than that, so I do whatever possible to help in a short period of time. Please don't comment if you have no idea what your talking about! I have a good amoutn of knowledge on the subject however I want other opinions of ppl in the same position, or people who know what they are talking about.:eek:

    I'm 5'3, and weigh 105lbs. I'm pretty small and haven't eaten anything today due to the fact that I've been guzzling water instead. I'm going to take a home test later tonight after I eat something, to make sure that I at least pass that one before I go in (hopefully lol)
  2. wikipedia says it has a half life of 12 hours.

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