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  1. I just took 70 mg of Adderall (3 20 mg capsules and 1 half 20 mg tablet). I know about the drug test thread I already posted, but I learned the test won't be for maybe a week or more (hopefully).

    So yeah, I took these addies. I'll type some more on this later.
  2. Have fun.
  3. do you have a tolerance? or are you a big guy? cuz that dose could be potentially fatal with low tolerance and a small body size
  4. Last time I did 60 mg and I was fine. Actually right now I'm feeling a very nice body high from it =] I'm 5'11 and 150 lbs about.

    I didn't know this could be fatal extremely, but I'll be sure to be aware of that in the future.

    Adderall isn't really much fun for me compared to other stuff, but I happened to have some laying around. I'm giving my friend my other 70 mg though. Now he's a pretty big guy. Last time I gave him some, he did 100 mg... o_O

    I am pissed that I'm gonna be up all night, but at least I'm having a little fun playing Castle Crashers and talking to my friend who is craving the addies, haha.
  5. Well, damn addies don't last long...

    Lol. Well now I've got the speed feeling, but the mild euphoria is mostly gone, I think. I can still feel my teeth skin, haha.

    I'm typing a lot... But no longer have anyone to physically talk to. =[
  6. i didn't know you had tolerance.... in that case you as good as a goat lmao
  7. Yeah.. Its pretty much going away =[ Rofl

    And now no 360 because it won't turn back on so nothing to waste my night on.
  8. lol i would keep you company on AIM but i'm about to do something you can't do right now..... jerk off, eat food, and sleep :)
  9. Have fun with that =]
  10. actually ill IM you before i go to that shit
  11. Yay, I'm making friends, rofl.

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