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  1. hello i am new to smoking/using weed. BUT i have been (dependent) on drugs such as alcohol(i have been drinking since 15) and at my last school when i was on a pack a day (tobacco) and i was using hardcore stimulants drugs, to stay awake during school(I SUFFER FROM NARCOLEPSY) even though i have done more insane drugs. i never really using weed to heavily (once or twice in my life)
    but i am going to try a RASTAFARIAN life style and only use weed(i might just cook with weed) and grow it. because i get a sense of fulfillment when grow plants.

    do you think i can turn my life around and really live a drug free life?
    not counting THC as a drug.
  2. What's wrong with being a drug addict?
  3. What's the point in saying "I'll live a drug free life because I'll simply say what I take isn't a drug"? Not to start a generic argument, but THC is in fact a drug regardless of whether or not it's natural.

    You've been addicted to things but so what? Society has made addiction sound like such a bad thing when in reality it's one of the more natural things for humans to go through. Everybody is addicted to tons of things. There's nothing wrong with it.

  4. yeah. just be productive, and try not to kill yourself. works for me.
  5. Fuck everything besides Beer & Weed, I was highly addicted to Opiates for a year and the withdrawals were fucking hell. 3 years Opiate free, except for a prescription when I broke my collar bone and both arms. That shit sucked I couldn't do anything for 2 months.
  6. sure, an addiction is natural, but it'll probably shorten your life span if your constantly doing hard drugs.

    THC is a drug. think of medicinal cannabis.

    live the rastafarian lifestyle. smoke an ounce in 1 day. bong it.
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    What is "Opiates" ?

  8. It's in allot of painkillers such as Oxycodone, Vicodin, etc...
  9. I think Marc Emery said he treated addicts with cannabis.

    I'm an alcoholic and problem gambler. Even though I use mmj for other state approved ailments, tokin' makes those alcohol and gambling cravings go away.
  10. allot of drug addicts start with weed. correct me if im wrong. i go to NA and everyone talks about the 1st time they smoked weed.
  11. Somthing amazing that can turn your life 180 if not used in moderation.
  12. Well most drug addicts start on caffinee first
  13. BAR i agree! you get be addicted to jerking off. (sorry for the words)
  14. I guess you could? I don't know it really doesn't make a difference. With or without weed just try and stay clean if you really want. I'm addicted to sleeping pills right now and I still smoke daily so it doesn't make that big of a difference, for me atleast. Fuck withdrawals, never get into pills people. Listen to ChillinOnRoofs, stick to beer and weed. Not even alcohol if you have an addictive personality. Just trying to help everyone out :)

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