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  1. Does not exist. However, mental weakness does.

    If you're too much of a pussy that you can't say, " You know what, fuck it, I DON'T want a cigarette." Then you're weak.

    Addiction is nothing more than you ENJOYING something, don't bring an excuse that you're somehow addicted to it, yeah THAT'S the reason you want to shoot up heroine, or keep eating all those cheeseburgers you fat fuck.Its like the idiots who say addiction is a disease so the the "addicts" can have an excuse or a scapegoat as to why they are too mentally weak to simply stop doing whatever their "addicted" to.

    Same goes for depression. It's just you being sad, get over it. Shit happens, don't blame some fucking chemical in your brain making you sad. GO DO SOMETHING FUN.
  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I disagree.
  3. you have no clue what you're talking about
  4. Everything you say is false, but I can respect your opinion.

    You a Scientologist by any chance? :rolleyes:
  5. Your shit dont stink?

  6. i couldnt disagree with you more, but to each their own.

    unless you've had depression, or been addicted, you have no experience to be talking.

    and trust me, if it was as simple as doing something fun, most of us depressed would go do that. it is linked to chemical imbalances in your brain, you should take some introductory psychology classes and learn what really goes on in that head of yours.
  7. Addiction DOES exist! and (like it or not) has to do with mental weakness to a certain degree.
  8. no but i do consider myself a pseudo-scientist/philosopher as i am highly intelligent and have many unique theories on social behavior and the sciences alike.
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