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addiction, tolerance, and being burnt out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mikey77, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. do you guys ever feel like your just burnt out like I smoke about 3-5 days a week and sometimes I feel like I don't get "that" high? My "favorable" state of high is when I close my eyes and get amazing body rushes.. I don't get those anymore. Also even though I feel burnt out and don't really feel like smokin I do it anyways. Could this be psychological addiction\dependence?

  2. just take a break from it and that feeling will come back. Remember its not addiction, it's dependency and that shit's all in your head dude. Dependency can be broken in 48 hours so dont worry about it man. Just take a few days break, maybe a week. We all need a break some time.

  3. alright sweet man. I've been smoking 3-5 times a week for about two months now so I guess the tolerance defifnitly kicked up and I have that feeling that I need to smoke (but not really) thanks
  4. Ive ceased use for the past 48 hours. The reefer madness has subsided already and i havent killed anyone in over 24 hours!:hello:
  5. Reefer Madness! AHHHHHHHH

    OP: I usually just take a 3-4 day t-break or get drunk and the burnt-outness goes away

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