Addiction--Howe to overcome it?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by innovare, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Guys I need your help.

    I have an addiction, and I am trying to quit.

    The addiction is SEX. I can't get enough. I can litteraly masterbase 5 times per day and spend many hours in pornography.

    This is very serious, I feel I could expend my creative energies twords other areas more fulfilling.

    Somebody please enlighten me to a better way of living.

    Thanks...and I appologize if this topic is not appealing.
  2. i am sorry to hear about your junior member (joke)

    ... well i thought it was funny.

    how old r u? if u r going through puberty or have recently gone through puberty, go with it. have fun. if however u r slightly older... em... well my experience of being slightly older isn't great enough to help u out there, as I too am (or can be without self restraint) a 5 times a day kinda guy. one word of advice though.... as much as it is good, it can be sooooooooo much better if you hold back a little. try a week or once a day... or maybe even try giving "Pam and her five little sisters" a week off!

    other than that i hear cold showers can do the job. makes sence but i'll never get to experience a cold shower due to medical conditions... aw what a pitty! ;)

    i do however have one question for you... what does addiction, masterbation or sex have to do with either spirituality or philosophy?
  3. Thanks Digit for your response.

    I feel that my obsession w/ sex is hindering my full potential as a creation.

    If i never fantasized as much, I can devote my thoughts to spiritual and philosphical pursuits. Much more fulfilling and meaningul i believe it will be in the long run.

    maybe their is a void i am filling with sex. so i am seeking happiness and peace.

    hmmm......sorry if im confusing
  4. hey... don't beat yourself up over it. beat yourself off instea----sorry, couldn't resist another joke.

    if theres one truth to nature it's procreation. we are pre-programmed to obsess over it from time to time. as long as u don't spend your entire life devoted to jacking off whats the big deal!?

    ah... you have the desire to create. yet you also have the desire to experience that which has already been created. it's like getting the benefits of the goal without the journy. take the journy of creation down the same path that you get so much pleasure from... porn.
    why not try creating something erotic.
    whether story, painting, sculpture, video? it doesn't matter. your dilema lies purely in the fact that you are missing the the sence of fulfiment from following your purpose. think about it... you can still masterbate or have sex. just do other stuff too!

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