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  1. Have you ever thought that you might be addicted to sex? Like, not in the good way, but to where no matter what, you have to get some?

    I've noticed that regardless of if a girl's a 8 or 9, or if she's a 5 or 6 (I don't really hang around ugly girls) but I can't say no. I might think about it, and wish I had said no, but even then, if the opportunity comes around again I can't say no. I've been working on it, but it only works through text. If I'm with a girl, as soon as I start getting turned on, it's hard to turn myself back off.

    And yes, this is a bad thing, I've lost some great relationships because of this. :(

    Oh and I'm not trying to get suggestions like go to rehab, just wanna hear some stories and what you did to stop/slow down.
  2. Sex addiction is very real. I admit I'm one, but I'm not seeking a "cure" any time soon.
  3. Lifes too short to worry about sex addiction.

    Honestly, i just fuck until i'm forced to take a break via STD.

    Except crabs, if you dip your shit in diesel fuel...Instant relief.

    That's advice from a bad motherfucker, keep that shit to yourself.
  4. David Duchovny, Agent Fox Mulder from the x-files had to leave after the 7th season to go to sex rehab. The final 2 seasons he made appearences, but his pressence was missed. It wasn't the same. Funny, his character was so sexually lacking, was played by a sex addict.

    Yes, it is very real. Anything can be psychologically addictive, without any physiological change. Sex causes many chemical changes, including overloading on dopamine and serotonin, both which trigger your pleasure sensor. Thats why everyone loves it. It is just as real as cocaine or heroin addiction. Neuroscience major at college, woohoo

  5. LMFAO. Awesome! Perfect response.
  6. I'm not worried about it, just tryin to work on sayin no lol. I don't want to catch something incurable and then have to worry about my kids and wife.

    My main concern is that I've had sex with 29 girls, and I'm about to go to college this month. And no I'm not tryin to brag, its really hard to explain that to a girl you're trying to date haha
  7. Then I wouldn't try to explain..I'd simply leave that part out and tell her she looks pretty :cool:
  8. I usually do Haha but when they ask I'm not goin to lie.
  9. lol..stop keeping count...and you wont have to lie....also, enjoy your cock (safely) while it works
  10. Haha its hard for me to stop keeping count. I'll try though Hha :)

    Oh I plan to Haha ;) no homo lol

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