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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PorkSoda, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. been over a month since i smoked... just took a break for the hell of it... so just now i am getting super bad cravings for bud... i am getting them so bad i have to get high today, one way or another... most squares would say i am addicted, but i dont think i am as dependent on it as others on the forum...

    cant get in touch with anyone right now(dealer) so i figure i will just scrape out the resin in my pieces...

    comments... i will come back to read when i am blazed..
  2. .. Get over it your not addicted. If you haven't smoked for a month ... If you were really addicted you wouldn't have not smoked in a month. God... mind over matter people.
  3. its not addition its a phycilogical dependence
  4. thats not addiction...

    I'd suggest you just boil the pieces in a cup... plastic/disposable in the microwave on low as hell should make most of the resin an shit just roll off into the water. Just drain the water an smoke the result if you wanna get baked that bad
  5. Don't put metal piece in the microwave... heh...

    But yeah, you're not addicted, you just happen to really want to smoke.
  6. we all just really want to smoke, why wouldt you if it was so good :D
  7. I dont know your not a addicted I just smoke every once and awhile beacuse if you do that when you do it is so intense.
  8. dont think am addicted either.. but definately dependent..

    really really high right now...

    i love this shit...
  9. i'm really dependent on it, if i don't smoke before i go to bed its really hard for me to sleep, i'll be up until 3-4 in the morning just laying there. I also need to smoke to eat, i never get hungery if i don't smoke, i have to force myself to eat and it normaly makes me sick. Its really bad... but i love my weed.
  10. Damn man, im sorry, but thats kind of sad. I hear you on the trouble with sleep (even though it doesnt take me that long) . But i never really have trouble eating without only makes me hungrier ..does that happen to you all the time? Try waking up and not eating all'll HAVE to be hungry after that, especially if you do yard work or something . (i just suggested that because im usually not hungry in the morning so i wont eat) not trying to be an asshole, just trying to help you out. happy tokin man. peace

    btw, where do you live in PA? i live in Horsham , 7 miles north of philly
  11. Just sounds like the start of herb withdrawals...

    Insomnia for like a week or so food isn't great or it's a tasteless sub for the herb...cigarettes too..

    Just try to ride it out for a month an your tolerence should be good again
  12. Mmh.. He said that he had already hadn't smoked in a month. So im thinking.. you just really want to smoke.. because its been too long. Your gonna get ripped when you do!
  13. your mind depends on it. i've had cravings but they were mental.
  14. lol ive been up all night.. because tonight the resin i got just didnt cut it.. and the caffeine didnt help too much either but yeah sleep isn't possible if i had a nice mj induced sleep the night before...its not that i dont eat when im not high its just i rather eat when im high...but now that ive stayed up for a day ima get pretty high and the sleep deprivation+weed is a trip.
  15. getting an 1/8 of dank tonight... back to smoking every day for me!
  16. yea marijuana has no addiction...well mental/psycological addiction/dependancy sometimes but that's it...and i think we all have a little bit of that :smoking: just because the herb is so miraculous

    "when you smoke herb it reveals you to yourself"-mr. robert nesta marley
  17. now that part eludes me... sometimes i do feel like its a physical craving...

    and i got a bob marley poster in my room that has that quote on it, pretty cool looking

  18. It is...

    But what your craving is what thc does to the receptors in your brain not what chemicals it tweaks your body out on.

    So you don't actually have withdrawls like you would on any drug your body has become dependant on as the thc 'happy' feeling is created naturally by your body.

    Without that thc to stimulate those chemicals more then usual you get antsy an sleepless.

    Also tolerence is pretty much you just maxing out your bodys production of these 'happy natural chemicals' so any new thc goes unused. The receptors are just tired

    However they've already proven toking doesn't weaken or damagae anything in fact it's like a natrual workout for your mind in some ways.
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