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  1. I did this tat with just a needle, alot of spare time, and a fat ink stick XD turned out well, but i didnt have vasoline on it long enough, so its really faded now:(

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  2. dude when your 80 your so gonna be kicking yourself in the nutz.
    "why did i tatoo weed and smokey on my arm?" i did the same thing, with a smiley face good thing its easily hidden
  3. lmao, dude, i told you its faded alot.... if you didnt know it was there, you wouldnt even see it from looking at it.
  4. Wow that looks... really cool.....
  5. omfg, reminds me of middle school when kids couldnt draw nor write good bubble letters, and then still thought it was cool to empty pen ink into their arm... they dont change...

    become 18 and get a real tat.
  6. I find it more funny that you treated it like a real tattoo and covered it with paper towel.. Which you shouldn't use anyway but you'll learn
  7. Yeah no kidden that tripped me out too.
  8. That looks like shit You really fucked up this time. Regrets
  9. well if it was pen ink then the dman thing should go away ina year or two neway, atleast thats what i hear.

  10. it already has faded... as i said be4, you can't even tell its there unless you knew it was there be4
  11. Even if its faded why the fuck did you do it in the first place? You think all that pen ink sinking into your pores is a good thing?
  12. Yea i know and it looks like shit, i could see if it was tight but it looks so gay
  13. he likes it; hopefully all of you will let him keep it =P
  14. lol shiittttyyyy
  15. good job for doin it yourself
  16. i got a tat when i was 18, thank god it did not look like that.
    but then again i think i would have tather had that. the person i went to was a butcher. The bitch had a sister that had a full grown beard *shutters* . and the entirer time she said, im proud of u, most people faint. then she talked about her pussy tat. omg
    funny though pot tat, now u can always say you have pot on u at all times, like a true stoner.
  17. The leaf isnt bad

  18. agreed the green leaf is a good thing......
  19. wow did u someone shit on ur arm ?

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