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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kimborasta, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. i actually think iam addicted to green. anyone else think the same?
    please dont try and argue. you CAN get addicted.
  2. Hell yes you can get addicted. not physically but you can certainly get mentally addicted. Ive been there, But ive also pulled out of it. Just tell yorself that you dont want to get high, that you need to do other shit instead. And stay busy!!!

    good luck man, the addiction will also fade alot quicker than some people may say, a couple days off may be all you need.
  3. yes i intend to do that... like try and watch a film... but i keep thinking about my good times watching films baked... so i roll a joint... its like that... very hard to stop.
  4. My advice is to quit while you still have some, itts ALOT easier! And just sorta ween yerself off of it. Wen I quit for a while, I limited myself to once at night before I totally cut it off, and that helped alot.

    how much do you smoke?
  5. physically, no, mentally, fallin into all the symptoms pt haters talk about, lol....short term memory, loss of appetite (instead of munchies), bored of the sober life......imma fuckin
  6. hello there my name is thurgood and im addicted to marijuana ...

    marijuana is not a drug! i used to suck dick for coke! now thats and addiction! you ever suck some dick for marijuana!?

    :D i too may love the green a little too much.
  7. Yes you can get mentally addicted to smoking cannabis, it is painfully true and i like it.

    But if you want to sort of stop smoking for a while, just don't buy any after you run out of the next supply and then there won't be a tempetation to smoke all the time, there'll be nothing to smoke.
  8. yeah of course you can get mentally addicted..but i think the whole mentally addictive thing is bullshit cuz everything can be mentally addictive! people get addicted to like food and shit. i know this one chick that is fuckin addicted to eatin ice cubes.she used to say i was 'addicted' to weed so i was like aight il quit for a week and see if you can stop eatin ice for a week she lasted like 2 days.

    but yeah i read somewhere that on a relative scale marijuana is less mentally addictive than caffiene and chocolate, but moreso than anchovies
  9. ya dude like fat people (no offence) im sure 1/2 the fight is putting down that twinkie ..not just getting on the trademill. ya dude cannabis is deiffeintly mentaly addicted.

    i think the worst part about it is, when you have to or want to quit for some reason. but all yoru best buds are still smoking all day like you used to with em. and your trying not to smoke. but they come by with a brand new 2fter and some "bomb chron" they just got.

    its reaaaaaal hard to say no (atlteast for me) and sometimes you dont haev the will power to just stand by and watch everybody smoke, so you dont hang out with em for awhile.
  10. but hey! if your gonna be an addict mary jane is where its at. other drugs theres things you arent supposed to mix with it, or you cant do this or that on it, blahblahblah. with the green you can do whatever you like and aint got no worries.
  11. thats bullshit you can somtimes have physical symtoms when your addicted to weed and then go dry im totally addicted and its very bad i get scared when i nearly run out because my body will start to go into massive cramps and pain but once i even get 1 hit of weed in me im good for hours and i know that these body pains are connected cause they go away instantly even if i smoke the shittiest weed in the world( and im not high after 1 hit maby 8 or in the case of good weed maby 4)
  12. hmm that sounds serious. sure youre not smokin crack-laced weed or sumthin? ;)
  13. lol i hope not but that would be a much more releaving explanation :p

  14. Yeah it has to be something like that. It IS proven and common knowlege everywhere that it's not possible to be physically addicted to marijuana. I'd say those symptoms are psycho semantic personally...
  15. Why would you want to quit?
  16. i dunno if you get headaches does that ocunt as phsyicaly addicted? cause i get withdrawl ..mainly headaches, and i get uncomforatble cant find a good postion and cant sleep.

    ya mjs addictive mentally can chocolate, porn & exercise.
  17. i think being sleepless is because you are addicted to nicotine?
  18. I used to, and still do, get headaches, nausea, and mood swings and shit when I don't smoke. It doesn't have to be a day that I missed, cuz I haven't missed a day without smoking in like a year. Like halfway through the day, I'll feel like ass. One kiss from sweet maryjane though, maybe two, and I'll be great.

    but yea, serioulsy, who ever says there isn't a physical addiction is wrong.

  19. Like that proves anything whatsoever. All it says is 9-12% of smokers become 'properly addicted.' I've never heard that phrase before, but I think it just means addicted, not necessarily physically.

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