Addicted to weed?

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  1. Recently iv'e been smoking weed every night to go to sleep. Well last night i tried to sleep without smoking and all i could think of was smoking while trying to sleep and it wasn't working.

    Now i know how weed isn't addicting but i used to be prescribed ambien and was diagnosed with Insomnia when i was 17 and going into 12th grade. I took those for a couple months and noticed i was taking more and more to sleep and quit taking them cold turkey.

    I have smoked weed since about 7'th grade. but never really used it to fall asleep more as a social drug, until recently i started smoking at home and that led to me using it to help me sleep.

    So my question is, Am i addicted?

    Taking ambien was far worse than weed but i cant imagine being dependant on it is good.

  2. Nope. It's your tolerance. I have the same problem. I can't go to sleep without smoking a bowl, but I can like a baby when I'm baked.
  3. Why the fuck is this posted in the dry pieces section? But OP your better off just taking a couple hits to sleep then sleep meds unless your taking melatonin pills. My aunt died from sleeping pills because she fell asleep the next morning in the bath tub because she was still so tired from the meds.
  4. Agreed and i meant to post in a different section lmao.

  5. wow.. thats terrible
  6. You just have insomnia and going cold turkey on bud is only going to make your insomnia worse. Just smoke less weed in moderation when you have to.
  7. What better medicine to be addicted to? Smoke up and sleep well my friends.:D

  8. Well i had been addicted to unmentionables for the same reason and it wasn't very well at all, was just curious and yes weed is going to be my main sleeping aid i guess i just need to tone down how much i smoke.
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    Listen it does not matter who you are everyone and I mean everyone suffers from insomnia from time to time its how a person deals with the fact they cant sleep what causes problems if one person can not sleep at night its no big deal catch up on sleep the next night maybe you ate to late or it was hot outside or you did not do enough through the day to tire yourself out but if the same thing happens to another person their minds go into overdrive and they think oh no why cant I sleep is this going to happen every night you sound like this person who worries a bit to much.

    There is nothing wrong with using mj as a sleeping aid its no worse than having a hot cup of coco and lets face it when you look at the alternatives what some people use all those nasty pharma pills that leave you feeling like a zombie and are more addictive than heroin its actually a great alternative.

    My advice is simple keep on using mj to help you sleep and dont feel all guilty and ashamed like some sort of junkie because you are only doing what you know works for you but what I would suggest are some basic lifestyle changes.

    Get up at the same time every morning this means weekends too no matter how tired you are and about 2 hours before bed make sure the laptop, phone, video games etc are all put away because these things will wake you up, spend at least an hour before bed unwinding watching something boring on tv maybe or just sit in silence then after doing this for say 2 weeks remember up out of bed the same time each day never having a lie inn this is very important then try having a couple of days with out mj and see what your sleeping is like now you have established a steady sleeping pattern.

    It does not matter if your addicted to mj to help you sleep at least you have found something that works some people never do you and you dont need a lot to help you sleep just enough to relax find a nice indica and think yourself lucky for being blessed by this wonderful plant and everything she has to offer.

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