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Addicted to weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tearl08, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Me and a couple of buddies have been planning a trip to Panama for spring break and were using my buddies' mom's car so were not planning on smoking in the car. Anyways its two days before our trip and one of my friends called and says he's not going anymore and wants his money back. This isn't really a problem its just the reasoning he gave me that has me thinking. He says he doesn't want to go because he can't smoke in the car on the way, says he absolutely can't do it.
    I'm not going to disagree there is nothing better then cruising the open road while burning one, but for real your giving up a spring break trip to Panama simply cause you can't smoke in the car for a couple hours. It just makes me feel he is addicted to marijuana or simply just has his priorities wrong.
  2. addiction to weed can happen, it just looks different than most addictions and is typically harder to get. Theres not really any withdrawl symptoms besides maybe trouble sleeping or discomfort. if he really needs to smoke that bad why not pull over somewhere and light one up?
  3. I think he is throwing a bitch fit so maybe he will be able to smoke in the car haha..

  4. That doesn't sound like addiction at all, that sounds like disappointment...if i were you guys i'd just smoke in it on the way there and while you're there then air it out on the way back home
  5. Tell him to buy a MFLB and he can vape on the way there man lol
    It wont smell when you return the car, lets say that much:smoke:
  6. Hate how your pointing fingers here at "him being an addict" instead of taking responsibility for the boring move and understanding its effects. He wants to have a better time. He goes a few hours without smoking every day but it's spring break and wants to have more fun than what your planning.

    Just get some Ozium.

  7. so youre saying you would give up a spring break trip (where youre gonna get fucked up) cuz you couldnt smoke for a couple hours? if you cant go a couple hours without smoking im pretty sure thats an addiction
  8. If you're worried about the car smellin like bud then just roll the windows down when you smoke like most people do. Or even if you wanted to hotbox just air out the car afterwards.
  9. dude where do you live? isn't that like a 60 hour car trip or some shit? I don't think I could do that either
  10. might i suggest edibles? great way to keep from getting caught and u still get high to make the drive more enjoyable. i think he just needed the money and has a lame excuse. either that or he has his priorities mixed up.

    remember, weed doesn't have any addictive properties. so his body wont really "need" the weed even if he really really wants to smoke.
    the human body can turn anything into an addiction. i prefer calling it mixed up priorities instead of an addiction tho.
  11. like somebody else said, edibles are amazing. they get you higher, longer. also, you can eat a brownie in public/re-up easily.
  12. i dont know how many times it has to be said until everyone knows it but cannabis isnt addictive.
  13. #14 JoePain25, Mar 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2012
    No, and he does it all the time so the argument makes no sense. My belief is its not about any "addiction" but finding you lame company. Like a sign of things to come.
  14. you can get addicted to anything.
  15. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that, we have made a bunch of brownies for the way down, and I'm leaving from Ohio so its a 15 hour drive. We plan to stop during the trip for smoke breaks, and also eating the brownies, but it still isn't good enough. My buddies mom was nice enough to let us borrow her brand new car so the least we could do is respect her wishes and not smoke in it. My buddy that bailed is a blunt fanatic, he like wont smoke unless its a blunt, and loves "blunt cruising" I just think its a little petty that he's canceling cause he simply can't smoke in the car, I mean shit he has brownies and were taking rest stops so its like seriously? I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't give a trip like this up cause I can't smoke in the car.

  16. Physically, no. However, it can be addicting psychologically. It really comes down to will power and self control. Some people have it, while others don't. Some people are meant to smoke weed, while others aren't.
  17. Some people just don't get it. ANYTHING PLEASURABLE is addictive! inculding cannabis! So quit saying you can't be addicted to pot, because that' just fucking false. I know so many people that say their going to quit smoking weed, Couples days later they text me up asking if I want to match a couple bowls. Get some common sense people.
  18. [quote name='"vincentlink"']I think he is throwing a bitch fit so maybe he will be able to smoke in the car haha..[/quote]

    yes I totally agree
  19. Hes probably just giving you some bs reason cause hes to embarrassed to tell you the real reason.

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